I should be showering

Image10But, Let’s Chat!

It’s been a week. With freezing rain, Ed being sick. He has another ear infection. I do not understand how the child went 14 years without one, only to get two within 4 months. Mom’s still in the hospital, pneumonia is kicking her butt.  Add in her kidney function and her heart… Dad thinks she might come home today, but he also said her legs were swelling and red again. Either way, I have oxygen coming today.


I picked up prescriptions yesterday. The good news, ativan, cymbalta andImage9 miranol are all cheaper than one prescription of ketamine. Bad news, we got rid of one kinda dangerous medication and added three more. I need to take him for bloodwork tomorrow or Saturday. (note to self: call lab and see if they have Saturday hours.) This may be our new normal if his liver numbers stay down. If his enzymes raise though, I have no idea what we will do. It could be either of the three medications.


I’m planning on dyeing my hair tonight. I really feel my age right now. Image5And this week, I picked up my new glasses. Bifocals. I can handle being 46, I’m having a hard time swallowing bifocals. Of course, I’m loving the fact that I can actually see. There is an issue with, I think, mainly my right eye that needs further testing. I’m not panicking though. I go back on Feb 26th.  I really think it will end up being ok, or at least something I can work with. She did ask me an odd question though. If I had been in an accident where I lost a lot of blood.


I think track starts next week. I’m a bit nervous. I know absolutely nothing about track. At least with football, I can sorta fake my way ine break 3through. I may be caught in this one though. He doesn’t seem overly excited either. But that could just be because of everything going on here at home. Ed worries about Jamey a lot. No matter how many times I tell him that his job is to be a 14 year old kid and to take out the trash, he still worries. I know it’s rough on him to see Jamey at his worst. And lately, there has been a lot of that. Hopefully, after this cold front moves through today, we’ll be seeing a different Jamey over the weekend which will put Ed more at ease.

I’m joining some blog hops this week. I hope I can meet new people and Image7start spreading awareness. I made some fairly hard posts when I reset everything. But, now I can move forward and not have to worry about the entire back story. It’s out there. I didn’t paint myself as the victim. I made it clear that I have made mistakes, that although I am not proud of, I do own them. From February 15th on, this blog is all about my new mission in life. Awareness. Finding a cure for my son. And dealing with the hand of cards I was given.

Well, I’m headed for that shower now, and another cup of coffee. What are your plans for today? Whats new in your world?