Five Minute Friday~ Morning


Mornings are something I try to reserve for my time. I’m not usually a morning person, but having a teenager in school, I need to be up to make sure he gets out the door in time. After he leaves, things really depend on whats going on.

When Mom’s home, I sometimes get lucky enough to be able to enjoy my coffee while I catch up on FaceBook or Twitter. When she’s in the hospital, I sometimes get the chance to go back to bed. I do prefer not having a hectic morning because it just seems to set the pace for the entire day. I don’t handle chaos well. Especially since it seems that my life is chaos.

I have a sincere love hate relationship with mornings though. It’s not always a bad thing. Give me coffee and wait for the growling to stop and we’re OK. And yes, I have been known to growl a time or twenty.