We are women~ Why can’t we just get along?

21916 d owl 3Women, in particular, always seem to be in competition with one another. In every conceivable aspect. It seems to start in preschool these days. Who has the most friends? The prettiest clothes? And we can be wickedly cruel to one another. Men throw punches, women throw words. Viciously.

I have never really understood it. I won’t pretend to. I can only give my opinion on it. One thing that these past four years have taught me is that I am in competition with no one. I’m not looking for anyone’s approval. I have to do whats right for me and my family.

21916 d owl 4I don’t care about what you are wearing. Half the time, I don’t care about what I am wearing as long as what needs to be covered is covered. I’m not jealous over your brand new home or your car. None of that negatively impacts me in any way, shape or form. Infact, I can honestly be happy for you. Life is way to short and hectic to be petty over material objects. Yes, I have wants and dreams, but honestly, material possessions can be lost in a heartbeat. It’s people who matter, not things.

21916 d owl 5You’ve chosen to parent differently than I have. Great. As long as your kid is happy and loved, it doesn’t matter. Formula fed, breast fed, natural birth, c section, public school, private school, home school. None of that impacts me. As a medical parent, I do hold an opinion on vaccinations, but it only negatively impacts me when you decide to bring your unvaccinated sick child around my immune compromised vaccinated young adult. When your choice puts my child in danger. As long as we are raising children who are productive, kind, loving members of society, it’s not really my business how you do so.

21916 d owl 6You want to have a conversation with my husband? I didn’t marry you. You didn’t exchange vows with me. Only he can betray me. And honestly, if he does, it’s on him. I may not like you very much if it were ever to happen, but what could I hold over you? The commitment was made between Jim and I. Talk to him all you want. It’s him I have to be able to trust, and I do. You can’t steal a man who doesn’t want to be stolen. And as harsh as that statement sounds, it’s one I firmly believe.

21916 d owl1You have different beliefs than I do? A different opinion on politics? A completely different culture? We could learn so much from one another. It’s actually exciting. Some of the best life lessons I have learned have been from those I completely disagreed with. As long as respect is given for each others differences, the learning potential is endless.

21916 d owl 2We don’t have to be clones of one another to get along. Our differences make up a huge part of who we are and really should be celebrated. Respect is something that I feel is severely lacking these days. And until we learn to respect one another for those differences, we’re going to continue to have complete chaos in this world. When are we going to come together and decide that enough is enough? That too many are dying over the lack of respect for one another? Over the lack of empathy and respect for human life? We don’t have to agree with one another in order to get along. We really need to teach our children this before it’s too late.