I was curious

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I came across Meandering Mondays in a Google search. But, I actually had no idea what Meandering meant. So, I looked it up. Meandering means to walk a long winding path. My goodness! It fits my life so perfectly! Our current path is filled with twists and turns, obstacles. Darkness and light.

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I’m not claiming that it’s all bad. We have some very bright spots. And we have some long dark tunnels ahead. But it does really fit. I really need to find a way not to stray off the path when times get rough. I need to figure out how to not be so scared to see just how deep that puddle really is that’s in our way.

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Puddles come during and after the storm. And if we can weather the storm and walk through that puddle, we are that much closer to our goals. Our first major goal is to get Jamey back into school. Right now, the puddle is about knee deep, but I really think the storm has passed. We just ave to get through this before the next one hits.
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And there will always be a next one. There is no rainbow without at least a bit of rain. It just doesn’t work that way. We’re not alone on this path. It crosses the paths of some darned fine doctors and nurses who have the same goal for Jamey. It’s just a matter of one foot in front of the other, no matter how slow and how strong the mud weighs us down.

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At times we can see the light between the trees, but this has been a extremely dense forest. We’ve crossed paths with so many wonderful and not so wonderful people while making our way through. Everyone has enriched our lives in some way. Companionship for a short while, humor, making us face our own demons. Everyone has played a part and some are still with us on their own meandering paths.

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And we will cross paths with more, some will stay, some will go. Everyone will teach us something either about life or about ourselves. Each of us will stumble, but we know we have one another to help us back up, and when it’s extremely difficult, we can lean on one another.

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Our day will come when it’s not so muddy and rocky. When the hills aren’t so steep.


What goals do you look forward to on this path of life?



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