Today we welcome in March

3116 6March is traditionally the month of one of the USA’s favorite drinking holiday’s, Saint Patrick’s Day, and this year we also celebrate Easter. When we found out that Jamey was sick, we also began to learn about awareness months. Now March isn’t a month for any of his illnesses, but I found out that there re a whole lot of other “National” things besides illness awareness. Including National Days. Some of them do leave me scratching my head, but others really make sense. And I don’t understand why they are not more broadly advertised.

3116 12

March is:

3116 1I don’t understand why these are not more widely publicized. Brain Injury has been a leading news story for quite some time, and Color Therapy is a new exciting tool in the arsenal of Pain Management and Mental Health.


3116 11Some of the day’s though, leave me scratching my head. Today is National pig day. It really makes me think of bacon to be honest. But it’s also Horse Protection Day and Zero Discrimination Day. Personally, I would love to see Zero Discrimination Day end up being year long. Maybe in my lifetime, possibly not sadly.

3116 2I’m not going to get into all the days of the month. I soon have to get to Pittsburgh for two appointments. But they are interesting. The page I found is March 2016 Holidays and there is This Day in History from the History Channel.

Happy March everyone!


Which one interests you the most? Which one makes you scratch your head?