What an exhausting day!

Image18Today was two appointments at Children’s. I owe a huge thank you goes out to our neighbor who was kind enough to drive us the whole way to the hospital. Jamey was in no condition to ride the bus and sit around all evening. His medication was actually doubled today, hopefully we’ll see results soon.

Image19He also saw Dr Sheri and that went well as always. He enjoys the appointments with her. The next big appointment is on the 17th with the Liver Disease Center. Unless of course, something comes up. He couldn’t walk the block to go to his favorite restaurant there. Jamey loves Mexican food. And theres a little restaurant just up the street from Children’s with killer tamales. Those are just not something you can find everywhere here.

Image21We stopped at Walmart on the way home and I turned in his refill. They should be ready Thursday. Now I just want some sleep. The waiting around is exhausting down there. But it was a good appointment. Cathy was surprised by how much he has grown, she hasn’t seen him in  quite a while since we saw Rachel during this last admission. The full beard threw her off lol.

Jamey 3/1/2016Image20Shhhh He has no idea I actually took this photo.

I did have the opportunity to drive Ed nuts with checking in on him. That’s part of whats so hard about these days, it seems so unfair that he’s left alone so much. But he was just fine and enjoyed some crap pizza for dinner instead of something his brother could eat.

So, how did you spend your Tuesday?