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flower 1It’s been another mentally exhausting day. It actually started last night. Mom had a visit from someone from another program that might work for her. The problem was that both programs have very similar names and both women who contacted her about them are named Julie. It took over an hour of phone calls between myself, Brandy and Julie to figure things out. Mom was so confused and as far as I know, still is.

flower 3Since her doctor dropped her right before Christmas due to her readmissions, we’ve been trying to get her into a program called LIFE Armstrong. It stands for Living Independence For the Elderly.  And it sounds like a Godsend for her. It will improve her quality of life by getting her out of the house once or twice a week, and give her more moral support and honestly, it will give me someone I can lean on when I have to be there with Jamey. His admissions are hard because there is no one here to take care of Mom. With this last one, she was on her own the entire time she was home. (Minus Jim making dinner ) There’s a couple things that need to be done before we may be able to get her in April 1st. They’ve delayed it twice now.  Brandy is working on those.

flower 4She was contacted by Julie from Life Care last night. I guess Life Care is a program with another area hospital that is sort of an ICU/Skilled nursing facility. She actually would have been a lot closer to home. Unfortunately, the acute phase of what put mom in this time is over and Julie told her today that she was denied for the Life Care program, but that she felt that she still needed a skilled facility. That’s when the issues started. Mom didn’t ask questions, she was extremely confused. She thought she was completely denied for LIFE Armstrong. She had no idea that she was dealing with two different women with the same first name and going on that information, both Brandy and I were extremely confused. It took one phone call to figure it out. Several to calm Mom down. She does not want to go into a nursing home. At all. And she’s willing to use guilt on Dad to get her way.


flower 2

Of course things would have been easier if Mom had just asked a few questions. And then, the nursing home she went into when she broke her hip called here and I called the hospital to relay that message. It didn’t help matters.

flower 3Dad is actually in agreement with us for once. He knows that if she comes home right now, she will end up back at the emergency room and admitted within a week, if even that long. He actually agrees that a nursing home, temporally, is in her best interest. He’s also beginning to see that Mom is in no condition to be making her own medical decisions. He does have medical power of attorney. BUT, the social workers don’t really like working with him because he is hard of hearing and tends to allow Mom to make those decisions because he doesn’t want to.

flower 4It’s a no win situation. We’re going to be forced to make either a very hard discovery one morning, or some very tough decisions fairly soon. At least we all know it’s coming. It doesn’t make it any easier though.

heartTo update on Jamey, he’s been having some hallucinations. I don’t think any of his current medications have that side effect, I will have to research, but Ketamine has been known to cause them even after it’s stopped. It’s one reason why a lot of doctors are against using it. We understood the risk of it going into the therapy. It was a very informed decision.  Right now, we’re just going to monitor the side effects, and see where things take us.



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