CRPS Partners in Pain

CRPS Partners in Pain is another charitable organization offering information as well as advocacy and they do their best to help those with CRPS to get treatment. Most insurances don’t cover ketamine infusions despite the fact that ketamine can lessen a CRPS patients pain levels for an extended period of time. In some cases, ketamine can offer remission.

Some of the clinics that offer Ketamine therapy don’t take insurance, leaving it as a very expensive cash option. And not all doctors follow the protocol that can lead to remission. It’s a touch and go industry with the patient caught in the middle. Organizations such as CRPS Partners in Pain seek to lessen that catch all. Many times patients are forced to travel great distances in order to receive treatment. And ketamine does not work for everyone. It’s a tool in a very large box.

Quite frankly, there are no set procedures for CRPS and until research is done and doctors and the medical community in general become more familiar with CRPS, charities such as this is a life line for many cash strapped patients. They can’t do it without support from the public.

On the CRPS Partners in Pain’s Website, Nancy Cotterman offers many ways you can donate to the organization. They have helped many. Please consider checking it out and supporting such a worthy charity. You could become someones angel with just a small purchase or donation.