Ferocious Fighters

Ferocious Fighters is a charitable group doing great things for kids and young adults with CRPS. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is debilitating. It doesn’t discriminate, and there is no cure. The people suffering with it are in severe pain 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

images (1)We’ve all seen the chart above in doctors offices or in emergency rooms.

facesscale2Here’s a more detailed one. For the past few months, Jamey’s base line pain, in his own words is a 7 or 8. It does flair up to 9 or 10 and even beyond which even some medical personal do not understand. You’re always told that 10 is the absolute worst pain you have ever been in though, he always replies that it changes every day. The lowest the pain  in the past few months is a 4 for a very brief period of time. The new medication has been taking it down to a 5 for about an hour at a time, BUT the side effects of the medication is something he’s still getting used to. He can’t function very well on it yet. But right now, sometimes 4 times a day, his pain level is 5 or 6 for a bit of a respite.

Obviously, if you live your life at a pain scale of 7,8 or 9, you are very very isolated. You feel extremely alone. Jamey is a very proud young man, he won’t let anyone see him when he is in extreme pain. Especially his friends and the public. Sometimes there are physical signs of CRPS. It usually affects a limb, an arm or leg. It hit Jamey internally. We believe it started with his gall bladder surgery.

A few months ago, I came across Ferocious Fighters on Twitter and with some research, I found their website and signed Jamey up after some debate. At Christmas, he was gifted a gorgeous scarf as well as a card which he really enjoyed. In February, he received a Valentines Card (a few of them) and a care package.

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The day that the care package came was a day he couldn’t even get out of bed. I’ll admit to opening it. The pictures do not do it justice. There’s a fleece blanket, a t shirt, a crochet hat, a bumper sticker, a key chain, bracelets, a notebook, Jamberry nail wraps. I know I’m missing something. I took the items up to his room and he actually immediately put on the hat, it hasn’t left his bed yet, and the blanket doesn’t leave his side. He wore the t shirt to his last pain appointment. It was a bit of comfort in a life that there is very little.

Meg Boland is the President of Ferocious Fighters which was founded by her son Patrick who is currently undergoing treatment for CRPS. One of her efforts in Fundraising for the care packages that they send out is Meg Bolands Jamberry Profile. Each sheet cost $25 and the proceeds go to Ferocious Fighters. If you’re interested in helping to put a smile of the face of a kid who doesn’t have much to smile about, please consider making a donation or getting some pretty nails. And remember Nervember (November is Chronic Pain Awareness Month) is only a few months away.