Just Catching Up

hi note 3616It’s Sunday, so it’s time to catch up on all the stuff I did not get done through the week. I’m hoping to get some deep cleaning done, BUT Mom maybe coming home tomorrow. It means adjusting everything all over again. We had Ed to Children’s Express yesterday. He was having some pain in his ears. The doctor believes it’s actually his sinuses. Thank goodness it’s not another ear infection. Track practice starts tomorrow, and he has an appointment for a med check on Thursday.

J note 3616Jamey is worrying me, but that’s nothing new. He’s having some side effects from the medication increase, but at least it’s not flu symptoms again. A liver patient having flu like symptoms is not good. Mostly he’s dizzy and exhausted. The worrisome part is that he still doesn’t have much of an appetite.

mom note 3616Mom’s legs are still swelled and she’s having a lot of pain. She’s spending much of her time either sleeping or crying in pain. There is honestly not much they can do without further jeopardizing her health.  The life of a chronic pain patient sucks. Add in other health issues, and it sucks worse. Mom has had Ulnar Nerve damage since I was a teenager. She’s been in and out of hospitals since for various surgeries, then her COPD and heart issues, now it’s all of the above. She IS a fighter. Not many could survive as long as she has.

note 3616We have a busy month here. Daylight Savings time begins next week, Saint Patrick’s Day is in 11 days, Easter in 21… We’re not doing anything huge, seriously. Even having one sick makes it difficult to make plans, with 2? It’s impossible. A small basket for the boys, a special dinner that no one will eat for both St. Patrick’s and Easter…. Throw in a few appointments and March is just another month.

note 2 3616

I need to find a way to find some me time. I don’t need to even leave the house, but with the weather changing, I could stand to loose some of this weight I put on. Walks never hurt. I am not happy at all with what I look like, and I’m getting winded walking up and down stairs. I have to fix that. I wish I could make it out to a few practices with Ed and walk the track, but considering it IS track, I think it will be busy. Such is life.

ft note 3616I’m off to try to get a few things done. I SHOULD have help today… But that is always debatable. Someone seems to think he works harder than me in a week just because he earns a paycheck. Someone is about to learn exactly how hard I do work even when Mom is not home. He couldn’t do what I do and keep the peace. He needs to learn that And, for our family, my job is just as important as his. And considering part of my job is making sure he can get to his job, sometimes more so.


So, how does the coming week look for you? I would say, uncertain here.