Just a quick Tuesday Post

tb 3816 1Today started off in a very bad way. Even before coffee Mom started with her passive aggressiveness. I couldn’t even get a cup down without going back and forth to the kitchen and livingroom. Ed’s still sick, I have to make an appointment. So, I’m freaking out a bit. I found out that Jamey is hallucinating. I made the mistake of mentioning it to Ed and he asked him how his dragon friend was doing…

tb 3816 2I had to fight to get Ed into the doctors tonight. With Jamey’s history, I’m not playing with a GI issue (plus theres that little thing of him swallowing a watch battery two years ago). After I mentioned taking him to Children’s express they fit him in. The verdict is acid reflux and 2 new prescriptions But only after a day of me worrying about everything else.

tb 3816 5A few years ago, Jamey had a 24 hour copper urine collection test that came back with high copper. It’s an indication of Wilson’s Disease, a genetic condition that causes the body not to get rid of excess copper causing it to build up in the liver and other soft tissues of the body. His doctor then had his previous liver biopsy tested for high copper. I am so confident in her negative diagnosis, that during his last eye exam, I asked our doctor if she saw a ring around his eye which is another indicator. With not having such a severe genetic diagnosis, we’ve always assumed Ed was safe from Jamey’s issues. This GI thing threw me. And my mind kept going back to that because she never bothered to tell me that the results were abnormal. There were a lot of trust issues/miscommunication issues that went into changing GI’s for Jamey the first time. This was just one of them.

tb 3816 6Ed is ok though. I explained what I meant about his brothers issues, and she felt around to see if his liver was inflamed. I’ll be making Ed’s yearly physical soon, and his numbers have not been elevated. And we have a recent sonogram showing that his liver is normal. Now to try to resolve some of the stress he’s feeling at home by being everyone’s gofer and get Jim and Jamey to lay off him a bit. Plus I want to talk to Chris about upping his celexa dose and the possibility of talk therapy to help him. I see nothing wrong with discussing my children’s mental health. It is just as important as their physical health and too many people ignore it. My entire family is dealing with something huge with Jamey’s health, Ed needs some help to deal with the stress. I will make sure he gets it.

tb 3816 3I had such a hard time keeping my mouth shut today that I chipped a tooth trying. It hurts. My teeth are in bad shape as it is because for the longest time we didn’t have insurance and now that we do, I still can’t afford treatment because everything we have is going out for the boys health. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a better day.