A funny from yesterday

Image9I was playing on line trying to get a second cup of coffee into me when a tweet came in about a jeep on the roof of a local Pittsburgh Giant Eagle (yes the roof.) Of course I took the opportunity to harass my kid sister. Dawn has bad luck with cars. Infact, Dawn and Brandy both have bad luck with cars. Jim does too, but his is blowing up the engines as compared to accidents.

12805685_10153273192267827_4507751328042919265_nI was obviously amused, where she actually ended up calling me a rather risque word on FaceBook for the rear end. I deserved it though. I do this stuff on purpose because I find it extremely funny. My sisters find it less than funny and at times extremely annoying. But, as the oldest sibling, it has always been my job to keep them on their toes, I do so very well. Infact, I’m not sure how Suzette or Dawn (or my mother) ever survived my childhood without needing therapy for PTSD. I was a terror, I admit it fully. And I still find a lot of it funny after all these years. Of course, I do wish I would have been smarter about the spiders in Suzette’s bed. It took me way to long to realize that if I even told her there was a spider there, she would sleep in my bed…

Image10Today is not going any better than yesterday and my jaw is in full fledged pain. I can’t do a darned thing about it but while though. I will live through this. Mom’s leg is beginning to swell again, we’ll have to keep an eye on that. It’s part of the reason she keeps getting hospitalized. If shes not careful, she’s going to be in a full fledged emergency by the weekend. Not good for someone who does want to stay at home.


Anything funny happen in your neck of the woods?