Praying for Wilkinsburg

22816 3Last night some people gathered for a barbeque to celebrate the nice weather and ended up being shot to death. As of right now, a total of 5 are dead with 2 others fighting for their lives in the hospital with one who was treated. Just going to a backyard barbeque on a nice day. It’s heartbreaking. I don’t understand it. I doubt,that even if I knew the reasons behind it, I will ever understand the senseless loss of life behind it. Life matters People matter. It’s being called an ambush. We won’t know more for a while, nor should we.

22816 4There are families grieving who deserve to grieve in peace. In a matter of moments, their entire lives have changed. Because it is such a high profile case now in Pittsburgh, they aren’t going to get that peace. A lot of this will be played out in the media. Their lives will be open for judgment. Every one who ever had a beef with one of the victims will now come forward with an opinion that there is now only one side for. They have no way to defend themselves. It shouldn’t be this way. We should pull together and comfort those who face unspeakable, senseless tragedy.  May some how, these families find it. I can’t imagine their pain. One mother was filmed in the background as she was told about her daughter being a victim. My heart sank. I could not imagine. And to be filmed while hearing it I feel was a great infringement of privacy.

22816 8Today, I am extremely thankful for the small town where I live. Even though I know that this could have happened Anywhere, USA, I am extremely thankful for even the illusion of safety right now. Today, my heart goes out to the loved ones who lost someone, to the ones still fighting for life. I will keep you in my prayers.


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