This coming week


This will be a busy week once again. Mom is not doing all that great today. Her leg doesn’t seem to be swelling much more, but her breathing is pretty raspy and congested. Jamey needs blood work done tomorrow and has two appointments in Pittsburgh on Tuesday and Thursday. And reminding Ed to take his stomach meds seems to be a full time job. Mom has an appointment on Wednesday with the Wound Clinic and her nurses will be in off and on all week. And Dad has an appointment on Tuesday.

1Last night was another really bad night for my jaw. I thought I was going to the ER for sure. That has to be a last resort because we just can’t afford it. I plan on keeping to a soft diet today, it seems to be much better right now. I think the crisis part is over. At 5:30 this morning, my sweet boy was checking on me. He even got me some ice water when I asked. I sincerely do have great kids. I am incredibly blessed with them.

3My parents are frustrating me. There are certain things with Mom’s care that absolutely need to be done. I made sure before I went to bed last night, even feeling like a jack hammer was being used on my face, that she had her evening medication. She has a port that needs to be flushed every day, and since she can’t walk up the stairs, she has a bedside commode that needs to be emptied several times a day. Neither are very hard and it’s just a fact of life that they need to be done. Neither were done. I will flush out the port when I change the bandages on her legs later today. And I’ll be 200% honest, I’m not thrilled about emptying a commode either, but she has to go somewhere and I’d much rather empty than change diapers. Mom physically cannot climb the stairs any longer, it’s not her fault.

2For the third time today, Mom has told me shes hungry. I know she cannot make it to the kitchen to fend for herself, but when I ask what she wants, she tells me “I don’t know.” and then goes on to refuse every idea I throw at her. I am not a mind reader, nor am I a magician who can raise food out of nowhere. And it happens every single day. At least I know for certain she will eat tonight. I’m planning mac and cheese, which is one of her favorites. We throw away so much food here because I never know when either her or Jamey will refuse to eat. I hate wasting food, it’s dollars going out with the trash.

4I found a great site last week for graphics. They are originally for scrapbooking, but I’m not a scrapbooker and they are gorgeous! So, I thought I could use them on my blog. I will be giving credit where credit is due on all my graphics (as long as I can, I have tons stored on the computer and some, I have no idea where they came from.) Granny Enchanted is the site and she is gracious enough to share tons upon tons of freebies. (and they are gorgeous! ) I do hope you will check her out. There are so many ideas on that page!



May you all have a blessed week. What’s your agenda like?



2 thoughts on “This coming week

  1. You have my sympathy in being frustrated when someone says “I’m hungry” and then won’t eat what is available in the house. As i’ve taken to saying, “we are fresh out of ‘idunno’!”

    Hope your jaw feels better and stays that way!

    1. There’s times I actually miss when she would do that. It drove me completely nuts, so I don’t understand it, but I do miss it at times. I’m glad that I did include her in the blog, I have somethings to look back on.

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