Another Pittsburgh Day



31516 1The day started with me reminding both parents that Jamey had his normal very two week appointment in Pittsburgh. I had to remind them again right before we left, even after discussing dinner options with Mom because of it. Yes, I’m a bit annoyed. It’s every two weeks like clock work and we very rarely cancel except when he is really bad. Add to it that she will be on vacation shortly, and that I have a question for her concerning Ed, I wanted to make sure we made it.

31516 1I can not praise this doctor enough. My son is stubborn, bullheaded, angry, and he keeps everything internal. She is able to get him to open up, to talk, to dream. I am terrified to find out where we would be without her in his care team. Dr Sheri Goldstrohm has a fan for life with this mom.

31516 7

Isn’t she beautiful? Both inside and out.

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31516 1 It was a normal visit. But of course, I was more irritated than normal and that’s never a good thing for me. I swear Children’s Hospital has my twitter account on mute. I have a tendency of annoying their social media people if things aren’t going my way. Nothing too harsh, but of course I tweeted them a few times over having to ask for an elevator to go for something to drink. Seriously though, the clinics are open late on Tuesday’s and there is no way to get a snack or a drink (or a cigarette for when I am extremely annoyed like today) without bugging security or the front desk. I normally don’t mind, and I probably shouldn’t annoy social media with it.

More annoying things:

31516 4

This thing: It’s not bad when a Little Person (aka Little’s better known as children) set off the many many buttons and sounds this thing makes. But when you are sitting there for a couple of hours and listening to this, it gets extremely annoying when an adult walks up, sets off all the buttons and then walks away.

31516 3

Yes it IS cute. For Littles.

31516 5

31516 1 And now, I am heading to bed before I annoy anyone else The topper on the evening was finding out our plates for the car expired last month. I’m not sure when we’ll find time to fix that, but it has to be very very soon.

What do you do to control a bad day when everything seems to be going wrong?

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