Another Murphy’s Law Kinda Day

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31616 3Murphy’s Law: Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible moment. That describes today. Ed woke up sick, Jim woke up sick. Ed went to school, Jim stayed home. Mom had completely refused to call and make an appointment for the Wound care clinic for her legs. I made it for this morning. At 10 am. May father is rarely out of bed before noon. He had to get up early to take her. No one checked the level of the liquid oxygen tank.

31616 5That led to the first argument of the day. And the second where Dad told me that I was in the wrong because he can’t think of everything between his appointments and running back and forth for Moms appointments. Meanwhile, I am in charge of Mom’s medications, Jamey’s medications, Ed’s medications, Making and keeping appointments for both Jamey and Ed (with Jamey’s multiple specialists), and making Moms appointments around all of his stuff, our stuff and her stuff. Keeping track of when the nurses are supposed to be here, trying to find out if she’s ever going to be accepted into the LIFE program…. I can’t even remember our car tags let alone to make my eye appointment.

31616 4I wasn’t involved in the next argument where Mom wanted to cancel her appointment and Dad kept saying to cancel it. I stayed out of the way because I would have had to be the one to call and cancel and there was no way in heck that I was cancelling that appointment. I was able to get both her travel tanks filled, her dressed with not as much hassle as I expected and ready to leave. All told, there were 5-7 arguments before 9 am. Most about keeping the appointment.

31616 2We went and renewed the plates for the car. It was fairly painless. Then the school called. Ed was in the office. He’s been complaining about stomach pain for a little while now and he is on medication for it, but it isn’t working. I called his doctors office and told them that with his brothers history, I think it might be time for some bloodwork and imaging. I was taking him to Children’s. It ruined Jim’s plans to go into work at noon, but it couldn’t be helped.

31616 9So, we picked up Ed and came home to wait to help Mom in the house. Once she was here, we took off for Pittsburgh. And the Emergency Department was packed. We knew we had a wait ahead of us. It did end up being a good thing though. I finally personally met the person who helped me file a grievance on Jamey’s surgery.

31616 6The patient representatives office came out to distribute things for the kids to do during the wait. I heard Joy’s name and figured it might be a good time to introduce myself, which I did. I will be emailing her this week coming for the phone numbers for the GI’s for a second opinion. We need to move forward.

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31616 10To make a long story short, after all labs came back good, and his sonogram and x ray came back almost normal, we were referred to GI which is what I wanted. It was a long day, but the results were ok.



I was able to get pictures of my Mini Mister in the mean time. His liver looks good (always a plus) and best of all:

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I didn’t have to listen to this even once!

Do you have Murphy’s Law Kinda Days? What do you call them?