Appointment Day

31716 1Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Today was Jamey’s appointment with the PA at the Liver Disease Center. I’m going to be 100% honest, I really hope it was just that she was having a bad day, because she was very distracted. We didn’t care for her and he is looking forward to seeing his doctor in June. He did talk to her about a liver biopsy that will put an end to the question of if it is cirrhosis or not. His records say cirrhosis, several doctors have disagreed. We need to know. Late stage fibrosis is hard to reverse, but it is possible. Cirrhosis is irreversible.

31716 2We ended the trip with a stop at the bookstore and Starbucks. I need to check the results of his blood work yet, that will be posted either tonight or tomorrow. The Mini Mister tried to come home, but I asked him to try to stick it out There’s a possibility of H Pylori. That means an endoscope. I might sound insane for this comment, but it’s really no huge deal. It’s painful. His stomach feels like it’s on fire. But antibiotics will clear it up. Of all the things it could have been, we’ll take H Pylori.

31716 3Thankfully, there are no planned trips to Pittsburgh tomorrow. A day off, kinda. I never get days off. There’s always something that needs done. But such is life.


31716 8For next week, I am hoping to get back to my blog hops. It’s been a couple of pretty stressful weeks and I do tend to shut down during those. I need to stop that, because, honestly, that’s when I need to blog the most. I really am excited in this new journey, I just need some discipline in order to see it through. I can do this.


How do you celebrate St Patrick’s Day? This is our second year in a row where it was spent at Doctor’s appointments.