Friday 5

31816 6

I’ve been seeing a lot of Friday 5’s out there and I keep meaning to try them. Until I do, here’s my version. 5 moments from this week.

31816 5 Monday night I had this cake pop up on my FaceBook feed. I have two sisters terrified of spiders and I am probably a whole lot of the reason. I offered to make them each one for their birthdays.


31816 4 I finally admitted publicly how I feel about that darnable trolley at Children’s. They’ll probably add another louder one to get even.

31616 13

31816 3 We reaffirmed that Mini Mister has a healthy liver! And his gallbladder seems good as well!



31816 2 It’s been a nice, quiet morning. Mom was still asleep, so I had time to relax and wake up the way I prefer. I enjoyed my coffee in peace and quiet. MUCH better than the hassle of Wednesday morning.


31816 1 And this little beauty popped up on my Time Hop App. (I LOVE that my boys can handle my sarcasm!)









Enjoy your weekend!