A Sunday Chat

32016 1It’s a week before Easter, and I do believe I might actually be ready. At least for the boys. I’ve begun to hate holidays recently. When I was a little kid, holidays meant spending time with the family. Now, it’s really another day with a fairly expensive dinner and way too much money spent on things we really don’t need.

32016 4I do know the meaning behind Easter. But, I didn’t grow up in a religious household despite what my parents try to pull off now. I have never gone to church, outside of a wedding, with my parents. Not in 46 years. They weren’t there when I was baptised either.

32016 6The boys already know what they are getting. They wanted Steam cards for the computer so that they could download games. It was easy, and they already have them. I do have the stuff to make them up a basket each, but honestly, they would be happy just to have the candy handed to them.

32016 7I feel bad because they really have missed out on the whole family experience. It’s not their fault. And Thank God they know how well loved they are. They know Jim and I will always be there. But, we could walk away from the rest and not be missed at all. In fact, we have for the most part. My in laws looked right at Jamey when he walked past them in 7th grade at the high school That included his aunt. They both still mix up Suzette and Brandy. If it weren’t for G and A being there, they would be completely clueless. And yes, I am partially to blame. I kept them from their grandparents after Jamey was hit with a cane. I’m not ashamed of it. I would do it again.

32016 10There’s more to that, and I have said it all before. I won’t go down that road now. We were invited to Jim’s sisters for Christmas. There is just no way we could go. They would not like what has happened with Jamey. The changes in his attitude. It’s hard to see. And so many people in that little house? His spleen is enlarged, it wouldn’t take much for a medical emergency. Plus, at Christmas, he was pretty bad.

32016 2One day, we’ll be able to celebrate the way it should be done. And we may be a small family, but we do love big. It will be nice to have just my boys and their families around. I’ve loved watching them grow into he young men they are. I have a feeling that I am going to be pretty proud of the husbands and fathers they will become.

32016 3It’s time to get off the computer for a while, and enjoy the first day of spring.