Good Tuesday Morning

21916 d owl1 I guess it’s time for a chat. Things have been hectic. I tend to shut down during the rougher stuff. Or I rant. Ranting wouldn’t have helped. So this past week, I closed down and just dealt. Things should start to run smoother soon. And I need to learn to schedule ME time. That includes Blog Time.

21916 d owl 6


There really isn’t a lot to update on. Jamey’s about the same. We’re moving forward with Ed’s issues, it looks like Mom will really be in the LIFE program come Thursday (fingers crossed) I’m waiting to hear from Joy concerning the GI’s. So right now that area is pretty stagnate.

21916 d owl 5

I feel stupid ranting about my Mom’s behavior because most of it is the disease. It turns into a mess of emotion because I get so ticked off while its going on, then I force myself to take a breather, and when I cool down, I feel guilty for loosing my temper. I know theres certain things that aren’t going to change. And let me assure you, Mom knows I get frustrated and that sometimes I need to step away, she has never felt nor heard any nastiness. I couldn’t live with myself if I emotionally or mentally hurt her. This is the disease, I can’t take that out on her.

21916 d owl 4

The Trap Shoots started this past week, which means, Dad will be leaving 2-3 days a week guaranteed. That’s going to be frustrating as hell. It means that I am trapped here outside of appointments and shopping. Dad does not care who is affected by his comings and goings. He never has. He does as he pleases. Mom always dealt with it. I need to find a way to deal with it myself, for Mom’s sake and my sanity.