Look Who’s Back!


I’ve been gone for a while. There’s really no real excuse. At first it was because Mom was home and incredibly demanding, but somehow I still had time for FaceBook. I need to get my priorities straight and this blog is a priority. I need to make it one.

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Another issue I had was perfectionism. I was trying to be perfect even though I realize that I am literally the furthest from perfect ever. I didn’t have Pinable images, my kids refuse to pose for or let me snap candid pictures without a HUGE fuss. Well, I have a cell phone camera, that I’m not very good at using. I’m not getting perfect pictures there. And this blog is about being broken. My family is so perfectly broken. So in a measure to shame my boys into an occasional picture, I plan on posting the bad ones.

6192016 cluster

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The big guy was just being impossible in this one, he didn’t think I would take it, let alone post it to FaceBook. I proved him wrong, the caption was “Not shady at all”

6192016 cluster

frame 6192016 7

Yes it’s blurry, partially my fault, partially avoiding the hand that was coming up to block it.

6192016 cluster

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I was quicker than he was on this day

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A lot has happened since I was last on. Mom has been in and out of the hospital and finally in a rehab facility. She likes it there and is scheduled to come home June 29th. She was finally accepted into LIFE Armstrong. A great program that I will be posting about.

Dad was diagnosed with NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) with Portal Hypertension and ascites. The Portal Hypertension and ascites point to cirrhosis but his doctor is being remarkably conservative with diagnosis. He will be scheduled for a CT scan to rule out cirrhosis, but I honestly believe it will confirm it.

Jamey has agreed to take part in a study. Partially to get the biopsy he wanted. His doctor wasn’t too keen on giving him one despite him outright asking for it. It’s for the long term effects of a new drug for NASH. It’s a double blind study, so we don’t know if he’ll even get the medication.

Schools out for Ed and the little darling has been diagnosed with H Pylori for the second time. There is a drug interaction with his then current medications and the medications for H Pylori, so we are in the process of switching over so he can begin treatment. His GI wants a buttload of EKG’s due to his anxiety medication still having a slight possibility of a drug interaction. I’m in complete agreement of his caution. Hopefully Monday, we can get the second EKG that the doctors wanted and begin treatment very soon.

The rest is same old same old. I did a deep cleaning of the dining room and living room. I’m taking my time with the kitchen and bath. I’m hoping to have Jamey’s room cleaned up as well. Finances are in the toilet, but that’s not new. Two weeks ago the car was repoed. Luckily we were able to get it back

6192016 cluster

We had a birthday or two in the house. Ed turned 15 on April 10th and Dad turned 72 on May 29th.

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And we’re hoping for less of these pictures:

frame 6192016 2

And many more of these:

frame 6192016 9

(This is seriously a rare sighting. He’s playing catch with a football)

6192016 cluster

I have a rant about Football uniforms that will await another day. Summer ball has started, I pulled Ed out until after he starts the antibiotics. They really tear his stomach up.

I will be posting on an almost daily basis. It’s time to get back to me and the only way to make change is to do it myself.

6192016 cluster

Graphics made using a digital scrapbooking kit called Denim/Linen Hearts by Granny Enchanted.

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