Why TerrorMom?


Once upon a time, a long long time ago, a baby boy was born. OK not so long ago, he’s 20. But we did the normal cutesy nicknames, but the one that stuck was Tiny Terror. Even though, he was never really tiny. He was born at 8 pounds 5 ounces and I’m still not sure if he’s done growing. His doctors say no. I tend to believe them. 

Almost five years later, another adorable baby boy was born who showed no fear to anything. The child teethed on a body cast after the before mentioned child fell on him, giving him a green tree fracture in his femur. That child was hailed The Terror. I am their Mom, hence TerrorMom. 


Over the years I have heard lots of things about my choice of user names. The hospital actually suggested I change it once Jamey became sick. I thought better of it. It gives fair warning. My all time favorite “insult” is actually the time I was called TerrorBitch. I can’t even remember the context or why lol, but I honestly laughed about it. Some people are horrified, others think its hilarious. Some think it’s because I’m a bad mother who terrorizes her children, others think it’s because my children are badly behaved. It’s none of the above. My boys actually love the nicknames. They’ve been known to argue over the title The Terror. 



These two don’t look so scary 🙂 


Over the years, I have learned just to go with it. I’ve accepted the identity. And I like it. I chose to name my blog “At Home With TerrorMom” because it fits. I usually post from home. I want to make this a part of my every day. And as long as the boys don’t mind, I’m not hurting a soul.