File Under Done


One more day of 2016. A little over 30 hours.  It’s safe to say, 2016 has sucked. 

Through out it all, I do have a lot to be grateful for. Looking for the silver lining is difficult at times, but in others there are true blessings. We’ve been blessed more than once through 2016. I wish I could individually thank everyone who has touched our lives this year, but that’s not possible.  I will do better in 2017. Expressing gratitude for the big and small things in life is important. There are a few things that I definitely need to work on.  I plan on striving to be a better person than I was yesterday, everyday. Yeah, there will be moments of failure, I’m human. But it’s a good goal. 

We had a nice, quiet Christmas. The boys were happy. Dad went to Brandy’s on Christmas Eve, we stayed home Christmas Day and made a turkey with the trimmings. Dad tried to go  visiting, but not many people were home. He doesn’t get the concept that people go with family on the holidays. He was struggling. We got through though. Another first without Mom. Possibly the hardest.

The dreams have started again. I hope it’s just because of the holidays. It might be nice to sleep at some point in the future. New Years will be spent at home as usual. Most likely the guys will be on the xbox or computer and I’ll be playing online. It’s not a big deal here. I like quiet.

I’m not doing a year in review. I just can’t. We just have to continue to put that one foot in front of the other, even when we have to drag it.

How do you feel about New Years this year?