Good bye 2016


I’m keeping with the monster theme today mainly because it amuses me. I may use it more often throughout this next year for about the same reason. 

There is less than 6 hours left in 2016 now. It’s going to be spent quietly at home with my two boys playing video games, my husband grumping from the couch until he can’t stay awake, and hopefully Dad home soon. We were getting a bit of freezing rain a little bit ago. I worry.  (and Dad just walked in. Let the festivities begin!) We may take a Pokemon walk once it starts snowing instead of rain. 

Mini Mister spent a couple of days with his Aunty Dawn, he succeeded in getting them lost in New Kensington on the way home. I have no idea why they were in New Ken, it’s not on the way from there to here. All I can say is that my sister and her husband listened to a fifteen year old for directions. That kinda sums up the common sense in the family. 

He had a great time and tried out a new restaurant that he loved.  I’m happy that he gets along with his uncle. I think Mike’s a good role model for him. He needs that in his life.  It’s a bit of normalcy for him in the middle of all the dysfunction. Speaking of dysfunction: Jamey just added a ton of hot sauce to his chicken noodle soup. Now I know that I am not the most excellent chef in this world, but it’s nearly impossible to screw up chicken noodle soup….

 Sometime tonight, I’ll be putting new graphics on the blog. I’m actually pretty excited. I’ve been working on them for a few days now. I need to be more careful about how much time I spend looking for graphics. I’m a true addict when it comes to them. I have been for years. OK since before Ed was born. My first website was a graphics collection for WebTV. At that time, I was MissyfromCO. or Mitzie28. I tend to spend more time looking for graphics to play with on the blog than actually making graphics and blog posts. That needs to stop. 

Sometime, I may have to count what all I have stored on my hard drive. But I am afraid it will shock even me. The worst part is finding great graphic that I love, but can’t find a use for on the blog or FaceBook.  Because I won’t get rid of it It just stays on my hard drive looking great. 

I have some big ideas going into 2017 for the blog. I saw a comment not long ago on how everyone wants to be internet famous these days. At the time it seemed silly. But then, I realized: As I gain new followers, my voice grows. As my voice grows, theres more people out there that I can help. That I can educate. More people have a voice because of my voice.  So yes, I do think I want to be “internet famous”. Is it going to make me rich? Incredibly doubtful. Am I going to be recognized walking through the streets of Pittsburgh? Only if a fellow Freeportian has a need to be walking the same streets at the same time. But yes, I do want to grow my voice and yes I do want to help people. I want them to know that they are not alone. Because, this life is incredibly lonely. This life ends friendships and marriages. I am incredibly lucky that we have a strong relationship and are both willing to make whatever sacrifices are needed.  

So, I am going to do what I can to grow my blog and make it successful. That means real commitment for now on. No more multi month disappearances. And much more work on good content. I want you to click away and know that there are good resources out there for Liver Diseases, Chronic Pain, especially CRPS. I want to make you think. I want you to wonder exactly what is going on with a co worker, a friend or family member that you’re lost touch with due to a chronic illness. And maybe, possibly, help you who are healthy, make life a little more enjoyable for them. I want you to want to make a difference and to understand why someone is always changing plans. Why all the excuses. 

And I’m going to do so by being my natural, sarcastic, opinionated, witchy self. I won’t change who I am. I will always stand up for what I believe in. I just won’t shove it down your throat. And if I’m perfectly honest, I’m just learning how to defend myself from the bullies of this world without resorting to the same tactics. Especially offline. I really need to learn how to stand up or myself more often. I do it for my kids, I do it for my husband, but when it comes to myself, I let people walk all over me. That needs to stop. I can be firm without being cruel. And that’s the stance I want to take.



Well, it’s time to get a few things done around here and wait for the new year. Good Bye 2016. I’m happy to see ya go.