Welcome 2017!


2017 is here. I’m not sure what this year will bring, but we’ll take it the same as we usually do, Day by day, or moment by moment, whatever is needed at the time. My biggest goals for this year are financial, household and this blog. 

Financial, is obvious. I need to both manage our money better as well as try to get Jamey on SSI. That has proven to be difficult. Apparently, the government thinks that a person who is in so much pain that they can’t get out of bed some days should be able to hold down a job. I do have the number for a legal group that I will be calling on Wednesday.

Household meaning that this place has been neglected for over a decade. Repairs need to be made. The attic needs to be made livable considering the fact that we have lived there for the past four years. I have plans. We’ll get them in motion.

  This blog? I’ve stated several times what I want to do and how I need to be doing it. I don’t want a bunch of nonsense fluff posts. I want to make a difference. I want to be a voice for my son and I want his story out there for those it could help. There’s no way that he’s alone. It’s been too easy for doctors to dismiss him. I want to reach those people and leave them know that they are not alone. 

I rarely if ever make resolutions. Mainly because I never keep them. So these are NOT resolutions, but rather goals. Things I can reach. I just have to find a way. 

May 2017 be good to all of us. Happy New Year!