Just a Little Bit of Random


Good evening (rather late) from a chilly South Western Pennsylvania! Winter has resurfaced. Yes, I am one of those Yinzers who complains about the cold even knowing that  we are surrounded by water, which makes the cold humid and bone chilling.  I’ll live, but it doesn’t make me happy (the cold, not the living) 

I actually did sleep last night. Deep enough that one of my crew ate the pepperoni stick I stashed. I guess I didn’t need the cholesterol anyway.   That’s the bad thing about not buying regular snacks. When you want something late at night, it’s not here. But that is also the good thing.  Now I have peppermint patties and Cadbury Caramel eggs stashed in my purse.  They wouldn’t dare touch my chocolate. (OK I’m guarding my purse like it’s full of gold coins.)

It’s been an extremely unproductive day. I got absolutely nothing done and, Yes, it is my fault. I have to do better tomorrow.   My plan is to hold myself accountable for my mess ups. And I do need to remind myself that looking for idea’s on Pinterest is not productive unless the area that you want to decorate is clean and ready for said decorating ideas.

OK I DID get the grocery shopping done. And that is a biggie if you have five people in the household who actually like to eat. And I DID con Jim and Ed into doing laundry and I did wash the dishes after dinner.  So I guess something was accomplished today, just not what I wanted.

We have snow coming in tomorrow. I don’t know if it will be enough for Ed to make use of his new sled or not, but he’s ready.

       I admittedly have strange taste in decor. And Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. Yesterday in Pittsburgh, Jamey and I ran across someone who shares that flair. I just had to take a picture. 

It’s not something I would get away with here (and I do tend to go traditional for Christmas), but I love it! 

Sweet dreams folks!

Do you have a decorating style? Or is it Mish Mash (like me)?