The perfect excuse


it started Wednesday afternoon, even before he came home from school. Ed was complaining about not feeling well. Thursday, he was throwing up. Friday, I wanted to. Do you realise how hard it is to get into one bathroom when there are four guys in the house? On a good day, it’s difficult, when someones sick? Oh boy. 

Thankfully the only accident was Ed not making it to the toilet to vomit. He did hit the tub though. That was easy to clean up. I’ve been staying away from Dad and Jamey. Dad just gets quiet, but any disturbance in Jamey’s GI tract means unbelievable pain. I just pray he doesn’t get this. 

And yes, Ed has had a flu shot, so has Dad and Jim. Jamey refuses it and quite frankly, I don’t have the time, but I should make it. 

So, in between freezing, sweating and Netflix, I’ve been playing with my graphics. I really am an addict. You seriously have no idea.  It will take a few months to get any kind of order on my external hard drives. And I’m not sure that I’m up for the task.

We have one appointment for Jamey and two for Ed coming up this week. They’re all in the evening. And I have a list of stuff I have to do tomorrow because I procrastinated last week.

 I’ve read some powerful blog posts this weekend about living with chronic pain and being a caregiver. I will be sharing them here. It might be time to make up a blog roll. I’m not alone in a horrible way. I wouldn’t wish any of this on anyone. 

The Unbroken Smile. So much of this article applies to me.

” I am bitter that a dog or cat going to the vet receives better care and attention than McKenzie had at some facilities.”

I’ve often thought exactly that. If we took an animal into a vet in the pain my child is in most of the time that we go to the ER, there would be drastic recommendations. An animal would get better care than what my son does at times. 

To say that I am bitter, is an understatement. I am not only bitter, but I am hateful, frustrated, sad, scared and live in a constant day-to-day state of never-ending worry about the welfare of my daughter.

Believe me, I don’t want to be. Mine is more focused on the doctors who can’t find him any relief. And I’ve been known to break into tears over prom pictures. The worse thing is that Jamey hates dances and he would have never gone. But seeing his friends and classmates pictures online or seeing something they are doing now, at times is very hard, despite the fact that I am genuinely happy for them. I know it makes no sense. That’s why at times, I feel like a raving lunatic.


The 9 Most Frustrating Things about Being Chronically Ill

It’s a good blog post about being sick all the time. 

10 Things I Didn’t Know Before I Got Sick

1. Doctors can’t always fix you.

So, How did you spend your weekend?