Another Meandering Monday

On Tuesday Jamey had an appointment with his therapist. I absolutely adore the woman. She will talk to his psychiatrist concerning some testing on his memory to rule out medications. I need to still make the appointment with this psychiatrist, which I was supposed to make last week. I’ll do that in the morning. 

I guess it’s a step forward. It is frustrating though. I wanted a quick answer, but I should have learned by now that there is no such thing as a quick answer with Jamey. 

I have found out that everything falls apart when I can’t or don’t do what I normally do. I had some sort of bug over the weekend. Not even dinner was made. This needs to get better. I can’t do it all and honestly, I shouldn’t be expected to. It really is my biggest gripe in the household. 

Since our path isn’t really all about Jamey, it’s about all five of us. I can feel comfortable sharing more about everyday life on Monday. This week’s road block is most definitely me. And I will fix this. 

  1. I need to delegate better
  2. I need to set limits
  3. I need to hold myself responsible
  4. I need to stop procrastinating. 

I know where I am wrong. I just have to figure out the fix that will work with everyone. 

Today I need to:

  1. Call Dr Dave for Jamey
  2. Call Pain for Jamey
  3. Call the law office for Jamey
  4. Call GI for Ed
  5. Call the tax office for Dad

Tuesday the boys both have an appointment at Children’s. Thursday, Ed has an appointment. And Ed has lifting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

I also need to:

  1. work on my graphics for the blog. 
  2. Pick a room that I am deep cleaning
  3. Keep up with normal housework
  4. Maybe find the bottom of the laundry pile. 
  5. hopefully filing our tax return. 

Honestly, the kitchen is probably the best place to start. I’ll let ya know how I did in a week.


Where has your path led you this week?