Time for a Coffee Break

It’s actually been a productive day. I’m feeling much better. I have my new theme almost completely set up on the blog. I have a few really cute banners made for posts. OK I think they’re really cute. Cute is subjective, I guess. I’m working on my goals for the week. Everyone who wanted to eat is fed. And to top it off, I haven’t wanted to strangle anyone yet. 

I did say yet. Jim’s close. 

So, the boys are playing on XBox, Jim is watching a show in the living room, Dad’s in his room. I’m holding off dishes while drinking a cup of coffee. It’s a normal Monday evening here. I guess Wednesday, I’m going to the agency of aging with my Dad. I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing there, but he’s doing less and less for himself these days. And now, I sometimes have to call in my baby sister. 

That’s not really a problem, except for baby sis has a sixteen year old who is on two different hockey teams, he is also a football player, so he has lifting the same day’s Ed does. She works full time in a demanding position, and her and her husband take care of her father in law. And her father in law is a stroke victim, he’s pretty much dependant on them for almost everything. I completely know how rough that is, even with help. So, she’s not always available. And Dad is not very understanding on the fact that she is going to her son’s games instead of dropping everything because he calls. I would do exactly the same thing (minus two hockey teams, I personally think she’s a tad bit insane in the schedule department, but it’s her life.) 


I still have a few things to do this evening. And I just found out that my youngest actually is already in bed, without eating dinner (no he wasn’t sent there.) All in all, it looks like the makings of an early night tonight. And hopefully, I can actually sleep. That’s still an issue. Once I do pass out though, no dreams that I can remember. 

I’ll soon be looking for a new Netflix series. I’m currently watching Angel for about the 6th or 7th time. House irked me. I never saw the series finale before and it was extremely lame. I keep waiting for the reboot of Dexter, another lame series finale. And I’m not ready to rewatch Buffy or Charmed again. I did watch Lost Girl (less lame series finale, but yeah it ranks in there) and Bitten. I really think the Canadian’s are onto something with their TV shows. I’m becoming a fan. I did watch the first season of Beyond on Hulu and enjoyed it. The Walking Dead starts next month, I’m waiting for Grey’s to come back…. And whatever happened to The Originals? If they canceled with Marcel underwater alive, I will cry. (there is kind of a theme with my televised entertainment. And Grey’s doesn’t really fit. But it’s a not to miss. ) 

Oh well, breaks over. 

Any suggestions for Netflix? What’s your must watch list?