Waiting For Summer

I used to love winter. Even as far back as 1993. I remember choosing to walk the dogs during the blizzard here on the East coast. And then I was stupid enough to ignore blizzard warning in 2002 in Colorado. Let’s just say a blizzard in Pennsylvania has absolutely nothing on a blizzard in Colorado. 

Since then, I’ve prefered no snow, and I’m really not a fan of the cold. I’m especially not a fan of the cold when we end up taking a bus to Pittsburgh. Those tall buildings just provide a wind tunnel on the streets. And yes, I chose to make Pennsylvania my home. I can’t see ever leaving here again unless the boys move out of state. And if they go to different states, I’ll sorta loose my mind. OK, what mind I have left. 

And lets be honest, the temperatures have really hurt my Pokemon Go obsession. 

Today. we’re actually supposed to have a warm up. We’re going to freezing. Yep, a whole 31 degrees fahrenheit. But there are 50’s and an almost 60 in the forecast.  OK, enough about the weather. It’s depressing. 

Summer, this year means that my baby is a Junior. And that my oldest baby turns 21. I think we can wait. Summer doesn’t seem that far away now. 21 years ago when he was kicking my arm off of my stomach, really doesn’t seem all that long ago. Wow, talk about depressing. 

I’m waiting for a call back from GI. They’ll either be starting Ed on the antibiotics for H. Pylori or ordering more tests. I’m going to bet on the more tests to be honest and it’s my own fault for procrastinating. (see a common theme in my life?) I also need to call the Pain clinic for a refill for two of Jamey’s medications. 

It’s going to be a slow pitter patter day ( I hope). I’ve been doing a few things here, a few things there. And I am getting a few things done. I want to hold off on the major things until this weekend when I have slave labor errr help. And this evening, we head into Pittsburgh. Mr Edward is hoping for a closure to evening activities, but I don’t think he’ll get his wish, I could be wrong though. I have been many many times in the past. 

Well, It’s time to get my butt into gear and decide if I’m going to play on the computer some more, watch a bit of Angel, clean or take a nap. What’s your day looking like? 

4 thoughts on “Waiting For Summer

  1. When it comes to computer or cleaning, I vote for the first one, and if you toss take a nap into the mix it just might win out. The one thing about cleaning, it will wait or you, the cleaning fairy never comes. I am happy to meet you too, I’ve added your blog to my reader! 🙂

    1. I opted for the computer myself 😉 And phone calls. I think my kids killed off the cleaning fairy….

  2. I note in your sidebar that you are or were looking for great places to share. I highly recommend Six Sentence Stories hosted by Zoe at Uncharted. You can find her link on my sidebar. Each Sunday she posts a new cue word, and each Thursday we share our six sentences related to the cue (fiction, non-fiction, poem, rant, whatever). It’s a great bunch of folks there and you’d feel welcome! The cue word for the coming Thursday is “rank”.

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