Friday the 13th

A day so wrought with superstition, they named quite a few slasher horror films after it. Add to it, last night, was a full moon. Fear of Friday the 13th even has a psychological condition named for it: paraskavedekatriaphobia. 

I’m personally not very superstitious. OK we all have our “good luck charms”, or certain ways we do things. And I personally don’t walk under ladders, more out of fear that the ladder will fall than any other reason. I don’t open umbrellas indoors because those ends hurt when they jab ya in the face. But I love black cats and I adore a good ghost story. To me, it’s kinda like another Halloween. But it is sort of funny how people will blame everything that happens on the fact that it is Friday the 13th. 

Did our day go perfectly? Heck no. But I haven’t had an absolutely perfect day in 47 years. There’s always a snag or 30 to deal with. Some just annoying, others worse. But, there has never been an absolutely perfect day. I couldn’t sleep again (not Friday the 13th’s fault) when I finally did get to sleep, Ed was sick (still not Friday the 13ths fault) and then we all went back to sleep until after 1 pm. BUT:

Jamey heard from an online friend of his that he has been increasingly worried about and she’s ok!

Confronting Dad about his constant waiting to die or wanting to die comments has had a positive result so far, he hasn’t said it since. 

It was actually warmer than expected today (hey warmer weather is ALWAYS a plus.) 

There is still coffee in the world (another plus always.) 

No. Not everything in life is perfect, but it can still be fun. Sometimes we just have to look for it a little bit. 

Are you superstitious? 

2 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. No, I don’t believe in superstitions, and like you I love black cats! Sometimes we look for easy things to blame for life’s difficulties, or to help us make sense of them. But I have learned, like you, that it is a rare day indeed that is even near perfect, and I’ve also noted that if I have a run of very good days I’d better get grounded because a life storm is surely coming in. I hold tight to the belief that no matter what one is going through there is always something to be thankful for, even if it’s that things are not worse! If there was no struggle, we would never appreciate the true sweetness of victories, and the joy of blessings coming our way when least expected! I hope you all are able to get more rest tonight. We both have bad colds, so sleeping has been restless, I hope they wear themselves out pretty soon!

    1. Feel better soon! I agree with you on the run of good days. That’s been our experience s well.

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