Being Responsible Sucks

Jim received his W2’s earlier this week. We purposely don’t claim much so that we can get a refund. We ended up paying one year and it was not fun. I’ve already filed (yes there is something I do not procrastinate on.) We’re paying bills. It would be much more fun to get a few new adult toys (ie a Galaxy S7, a new air rifle, an upgraded computer.) But having a car is pretty important too. Being able to buy prescriptions, food. The little things in life that cost a small fortune throughout the year. We will be doing the responsible thing. I need to pay off Mom’s funeral expenses, we have a few other fairly large bills that need taken care of. And we always need the money for prescriptions. 

I try not to get political here because this is my safe zone. But, what I’m hearing out of Washington is scaring the heck out of me. What is going to happen if they do a full repeal of the ACA? Where does that leave Jamey? How is he expected to work on a 10th grade education when he has days for weeks at a time that he can’t even get out of bed? Who is going to keep him employed if he is constantly getting dizzy on the job or calling off because of high pain? I’m trying to get him on SSI as soon as possible. But, what if they cut Medicaid? His one prescription carries a $5000-$10,000 cash price depending on the manufacturer. I couldn’t even get a month’s worth of that. In my opinion, the US Government is attempting mass murder of it’s citizens. If the ACA is repealed with no back up and millions lose their coverage, they will be killing 10’s of thousands. And in all honestly, for the majority, it would be kinder if they just lined them up and took them out by firing squad. 

The worst thing is, most of the people who are doing this claim to be pro life. How can you be pro life and not be for sustaining life at all levels? Is an unborn fetus really more important than my 20 year old son? Both have their whole lives ahead of them. Both can be productive citizens if they are just given a chance. I would no more have an abortion myself than I would pull the trigger of the gun pointed to my son’s head. I’ve lost two pregnancies. I looked at a blighted ovum and knew that it was my child. So this is not an abortion debate, it’s a life debate. I would prefer that Jamey could remain on our insurance and give him time. There are new treatments being studied for CRPS and for Liver disease. One of those may be his chance at life. I don’t want the taxpayers to be responsible, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to have much of a choice. 

Are they really going to force me to watch my son die a extremely painful death? This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night. 


Edit: It was announced in The Washington Post after I posted this that the President Elect has promised healthcare for everyone. Now it’s just a matter if I can trust him or not. I’m not going to lie, I’m still scared. We shall see though. 

We are on the eve of a very scary time in American History. There are chronic patients out there trying to figure out HOW they want to die. I’ve read it in the chronic pain groups on FaceBook, in the liver groups, in the CRPS groups. I really don’t have it in me to try to help my son figure that out. I’m terrified. 

2 thoughts on “Being Responsible Sucks

  1. Healthcare and health insurance are at a crisis stage in our country. I know of too many good people who have not received the care they needed because of lack of adequate insurance or government red tape and help that came too late. I am praying there will be a viable rework of the system. As it stands now, I have no health insurance and my husband will need to drop his next month because his premium increased by $200 a month this year, which we simply cannot afford. It was already outrageously high do to his being over 60. Praying for us to make it to 65 and then for Medicare to still be in existence. I will be praying for you and for Jamey too, that the answers will come, and soon! XOXO

    1. Between what my husband employer pays and what we pay, our family premium is close to $1600 a month. We’re responsible for half. I am extremely grateful to have it. Jim works for a small family owned garage who cares about their employees. They don’t get the breaks that large employers do and they don’t HAVE to offer insurance. I’m incredibly grateful that they do. I need 2 provisions from ACA to stay intact: the pre existing conditions clause and the children staying on a parents policy until the age of 26. Then Jamey will be ok.

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