Another Monday, More Meandering

The boy’s appointment Tuesday went as normal. Dr Sheri did give me a few things to work on to try to help figure out exactly what is going on with Jamey. We’re in agreement that it could be a number of things and she suggested bringing Dr Behari, his liver specialist, into the mix. It is a possibility that it is the progression of liver disease with the ammonia levels and his medication which makes a lot of sense. I love the fact that she doesn’t look down on me and realizes that I do research anything I don’t fully understand. He has an appointment with Dr Behari in March, but I am comfortable calling the office if need be and getting a message to him.

Weight lifting has started. I signed my first paperwork for Football. In January. He loves it and he adores his coaches. I couldn’t ask for better role models for him. He actually started over a week ago, and I messed up last Monday’s (I thought it was Tuesday, I read the text wrong.)

It was a bad week for Dad. He gets cabin fever rather easily and on top of Mom being gone and things not going exactly his way, he’s driving himself crazy and taking me along for the ride. It really is a short trip for both. After having family in healthcare and working in retail for as long as I did, I fully believe in the old wives tale of how people behave during a full moon. Thursday was the full moon for this month. Maybe things will calm down. I did end up losing my temper at his fatalist attitude and told him about it. Dad is always saying he doesn’t want to live. He made a comment about his heart being too strong for a fatal heart attack and the only way he could be in a fatal accident was to cause it himself and I lost it. It wasn’t bad and I didn’t say one word that I regret, but I left him know that he’s not alone, we are all suffering and that I am here for him and it was time he recognised that. I told him that it hurt when he said such things. I needed to get it out.

Ed’s appointment went well, his medication is working. If you’re just joining in, Ed has ADHD and generalized anxiety. In his last appointment, he admitted to feeling more anxious at times to his doctor, so she upped the dosage. He’s doing great with it. His talk therapy as well as weight lifting with the team contribute to it as well.  We are currently waiting for his prescription for the Stool Test to come in. I have volunteered Jim to over see it.

Jamey has an online friend that disappeared for a while, she had some issues that are not mine to tell, so I won’t. But, Friday, Jamey saw her online on FaceBook and contacted her. He’s been extremely worried about her and the relief he found brought back that smile that I have missed for so long It really does brighten up his entire being. When Jamey laughs and smiles, he glows. I have missed that more than I can say.

Of course, after we tell the doctors about an issue, the symptoms disappear. He’s been having a really good week memory wise. It’s only been a couple of times that he’s forgotten what he was talking about, and I can’t fault him. There’s times that I have so much going on, that I do that too. I have this absolutely frustrating habit of forgetting where I take off and leave my shoes. I normally spend at least a few minutes a day looking for them and it’s my own fault. If I took them off and left them at the door where they are supposed to be, I would know where they are. Yet, I still take them off and leave them upstairs or under the dining room table, or beside a doorway.

We have a four day weekend with Mini Mister since he missed school on Friday. At one time, I dreaded days school was closed, now I look forward to them. Not only are they days I can sleep in, but I really do have great kids. I’m not going to sit here and lie and say I miss the battles that used to go on over the XBox, over the TV or time on the computer. But I am enjoying the new maturity of the boys in sharing those things now. They’re growing up. There is still some petty bickering and there is still times Ed decides he’s going to a friends, but I think they enjoy each other more now than when they were younger. There is a huge difference between 5 and 10 years old, at 15 and 20… Not so much.  And when Jamey’s Alpha personality comes out, my laid back Ed either rolls with it, or decides enough is enough and takes off.

OK There’s still lots to do and I’ve got to do it. More meandering next Monday 🙂




Goals met this week!


  1. Pain appointment made for tomorrow
  2. Psychiatric appointment made for tomorrow.
  3. Ed’s GI appointment made for April.


  1. Called the Pain Clinic again for prescription refills.
  2. Waited for GI to call back concerning medication
  3. Appointment for both boys at Children’s


  1. GI called back. Sending out a script for a stool test.
  2. Nominated Jim to oversee the stool test without his direct knowledge.
  3. Found the number for the legal group I need to call.


  1. I found out that the PA Legal Help Line is not open on Thursdays.
  2. Appointment for Ed in the evening.


I got nothing. Everyone was fed, that counts for something, right?



Goals for next week? There’s two appointments for Jamey at Children’s.  Continue with the deep cleaning. Dining and Living Room editions. They only need general dusting and maybe light touch up on the walls. I do have to do the curtains. And the plants. I inherited all of moms plants. With my black thumb… I’m still waiting for the prescription from GI. Maybe Tuesday. Then we have to pick up the test kit, but the lab at ACMH is open until 7 I believe, or I can go to the Heights and hit the one on Burtner Hill. No big worries there. (And maybe he won’t need the antibiotics after all??? Possibly, hopefully? I also have a pair of Dad’s black pants that are probably mixed with Ed’s or Jim’s that I need to find.

And of course, anything I didn’t finish last week.


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2 thoughts on “Another Monday, More Meandering

  1. Wow, that’s a whole lot of busy going on, and so many “must do’s” that I know you can’t avoid. I hope that you find at least 15 minutes each day just for you, a bit of quiet to do anything you enjoy. I love online coloring at Colorfy. It is totally distracting and for a little while all you have to think about is “what color should I make this?” You can save them and then print them out too! Put one on the fridge like you used to do with the kids’ artwork… it will make everyone smile (or think you’ve finally gone over the edge”! XOXO, J

    1. I started getting Jamey the adult coloring books last year. I’m actually looking at some of the “sweary” ones for Easter for him (Yes he’s still going to get a basket lol) They really help out with the pain and help distract him. I have heard that they are good for anxiety and depression as well and just to relax.

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