Coffee Chat~ Looking Forward

This week, for Coffee Chat, we were asked to list on positive thing about 2017 and one negative thing for 2017.


 That’s a difficult one. 2017 is brand new. Through the years, I have developed a wait and see approach on life.

This week, a new administration will be sworn in that frankly scares the heck out of me. Yeah, I have fun lightly trolling the president elect of twitter now and again. But he scares me. I am truly hoping to be pleasantly surprised as I was when President Obama was elected. I feared his inexperience, but I always new that one day, he would make a good leader for this country. But Mr Trump is a whole new brand of person and quite frankly, he’s the type of person that I have avoided most of my life. I would deal with them when I had to, but I never sought out their company. You can laugh if you want, but I am truly worried about what path he will take this country.

Personally, we’ve been trying to get Jamey of SSD. This would help us tremendously. He would have a bit of an income to help with his medical expenses (which are huge), I wouldn’t have to worry so much about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Let’s face it, he’s 20, no longer a student, and according to the government so far, not disabled. And he is in so much pain every single day.

Ed’s going into the second half of his sophomore year. Something Jamey didn’t get. And once I blink, he’ll be a 16 year old Junior. He’s growing up so  fast into quite an incredible young man.

I guess the answer is that so far, the negative is marred by 2016 as we finish the “Firsts with out our Mothers” and Jamey’s continuing health saga, but there really is a lot to be looking forward to as well.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Chat~ Looking Forward

  1. I think you have legitimate concerns with both the country and your family. Financial worries are no fun, insurance is a nightmare, and those “firsts” are ever so painful… and sometimes still are 20 years later. You do have good things to weigh against all that, in a close, loving family and the strength to guide them through. I want to believe that this year is going to turn out better than we dare to hope. Like you, I am of the “wait and see” mindset, but I know that positivity is contagious, so I try! XOXO

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