10 Things of Thankful~The late Edition

I’m running really late this week, but this is a post that I want to make sure I do every week. Last week was rough. I lost my mojo for a bit, but I’m taking it back ๐Ÿ™‚ 

So 10 things that I am thankful for last week:

  1. Time spent with my boys.
  2. We had two great appointments on Tuesday.
  3. I bought one Easter Basket stuffer for Ed.
  4. Monday, we went to pick up Jamey’s prescription and it had gone up by $65 dollars from the last month. My Dad put it on his credit card so that Jamey wasn’t without his pain medication. I’ll just pay the bill when it comes in.
  5. Dad’s truck is fixed. He had air in the brake lines, so it was an easy one.
  6. I actually got some sleep Wednesday night. Melatonin for the win! 
  7. Even though I couldn’t be there, I was able to watch part of the Women’s March in DC online Saturday. 
  8. My blog quit giving me a 404 error telling me to google Terrorism (THAT was confusing!) 
  9. Chocolate covered Oreos on Tuesday (enough said, just the existence of them is enough to be thankful for)
  10. The Big One! Friday afternoon, I received a facebook message from a neighbor asking what Starbuck drink I drank, a little while later, I opened the door to a large Mocha Frappuccino with double coffee! (Thank you so so much Barb!!!! It was Heaven!) 

The week did end on a pretty great note ๐Ÿ™‚ 

What are you thankful for?

2 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful~The late Edition

  1. This really is a great exercise for reframing the week, isn’t it? You came up with lots of things to be thankful for despite the storms of life! What a sweet neighbor to bring you the treat, caring people make all the difference when life is a struggle, so is some good sleep when it happens! Your Dad was kind to help you with the crazy-priced medication. His heart is in the right place even if he is struggling right now too. I smiled at you finding a great Easter basket stuffer, already thinking ahead! Best of all, time spent with your boys. Our children hold the biggest piece of our hearts, and never fail to lift our spirits. Prayers for a much gentler week ahead for you!

    1. In Pittsburgh (of course Pittsburgh, Zombie Capital of the US) theres a little store that we love called “House of the Dead” I found a little game right out of Plants versus Zombie’s for him. He loves the game. It’s a little plant head that shoots at targets with balls (no worries, he doesn’t read my blog. They’re both “too cool” for that lol.) He’s going to love it. Yeah, Dad can be sweet, and lately, thats whats been getting me through. As much as I complain, I do love him and I want to help him, it’s just so darned frustrating! Especially when I know at least the majority of it, is rewriting history. Things that never could have happened.

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