Changes are Coming

Changes on the blog, changes in the weather, changes in my life. The weather is annoying, because winter is coming back. Ed may just get the chance to use that sled after all.  But that’s tomorrow’s gripe. 

Changes on the blog? Well, if you’ve been here before, you might notice that I took off Five Minute Fridays. It’s nothing to do with the link up. It’s great. It’s just a lot more faith based than I am. I consider myself a spiritual person. I do believe in Jesus and God, but I’m not the type that publicizes it.  I feel that religion and faith is a very personal choice, and I keep my prayers between myself and the One Who Hears Them. And we have a lot of conversations. Mostly too inappropriate for the much gentler ladies at Five Minute Fridays. I get through life with a mixture of sarcasm, wit, and more sarcasm. There’s been plenty of times that I’ve looked up and told Him that it would have been kinder just to biff me. But I also know that He knows what is in my heart, and he accepts me for who I am, even though I will eventually offend just about everyone else I know. It’s just kinda what I do. It’s not intentional. I would never knowingly hurt another person. And I’m not too full of myself to apologize. When I’m wrong, I’m wrong, and I’m wrong a lot. 

I’m also thinking of doing away with Meandering Mondays. Once again, the link up is fantastic, but it’s a bad fit for me. I’m a chatter. A story teller. I like to talk. Way too much at times. I’m not a fashionista, I don’t do make up tips (that looks exhausting!) , cooking…. I’m a follower, not a leader. And seriously, I love crafting, but there is just no time (says the woman who just spent three hours making graphics in Paint Shop Pro.) I love the meaning on Meandering~ to walk a long winding path. That fits me to a T. But the link up, not so much. And I am respectful enough not to steal the word. (I thought about it though, just to be honest.) 

I still do want to tell Jamey’s and my own stories. I just got to figure out a better way. It is important to get Jamey’s story out there. I’m finding out every day that we are not alone. 

I may also be going a bit more political than I would prefer. Politics and religion have always been the surest way to lose friends. But there are a few political issues right now that really are life or death for my family. I have to get involved. I need to have my voice heard and do whatever it takes to save my son’s life. And unfortunately, it has become a political issue. But rest assured, even though I am what is considered a “snowflake” to some, I will always listen to a respectful, differing opinion. You also need to understand, it’s my son’s life we are talking about. The boy I carried for 9 months, who pooped on everything I owned including myself for two years, the young man I have watched grow into a gentleman to be proud of. And that young man is suffering in indescribable pain day in and day out. It is past time that I cover CRPS on this blog. 

3 thoughts on “Changes are Coming

  1. I think you’ve made some very good decisions about participating in the blog hops that best suit you and where you feel most comfortable. I’ve had some of the same concerns at times with other blog groups I’ve been a part of, not really fitting in or fear of offending. I always say that I am what I am and what you see is what you get. I am both the sacred and the profane and I retain my right to write whatever it is that strikes me at the moment without worry of who I should censor or slant it for. I was thinking maybe you could use Six Sentence Stories as a way to tell us more about Jamey, each week sharing what’s happening and some background info. It is okay to do six sentences of essay, as long as you find a way to work in the cue word, and that’s usually not too hard.

    However you set it up, I’ll be here to read your story and to cheer you along. Hang in there!

    1. We have a lot in common, one of the reason’s we get along so well 🙂 I have some plans, but I want to keep them under my hat for a little while longer. I want to get it right. I’m afraid some of the things with Jamey just won’t fit into six sentences. He’s got quite a road a head of him.

      1. After reading your update today I can see that. I think random posts with updates work just fine, in fact I enjoy random topic bloggers most of all, because it’s kind of a life flow journal. Some day, God willing, you will look back on all this and be amazed at how it’s changed… and improved!

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