Some Thursday Thoughts

OK so I saw Thursday Thoughts trending on Twitter and stole the idea. I’ve never claimed to be perfect. 

It’s been over a month since I posted. I’m trying hard not to fail at this blog thing, but I’m too easily distracted. I even have a full set of graphics uploaded and ready to go for last weeks 10 Things of Thankful. I’ll be deleting those. 

What’s been going on? A lot. A lot more than I have time to write in the half hour I procrastinated myself into. I’m taking full responsibility. And I need to jump back into the saddle at some point. This is now. Does it mean a bunch of nonsense bull puckey posts? I hope not. 

What the heck is it with all the spam comments I keep deleting? Eighteen today alone. It’s not fun. I guess thats at least 18 page views by at least robots though. Not really a win. 

We’re off to Pittsburgh today for a Pain Clinic appointment. And I haven’t bothered to even wake Sir Grumpy Pants yet, or even the elder Mr Grumpy Pants. 

Dad spent 5 days in the VA for what appeared to be a stroke. They still aren’t sure what happened. They’re running tests on his heart. He’s back to his Grumpy Old Man self (and before I take any gruff, I LOVED those movies. The guys were delightfully grouchy. It’s truly an endearment.) 

And I got good news on Ed which I will be sharing in THIS weeks 10 Things of Thankful. (I will do one this week! and work into some other stuff as well.) 

At the same point where I got the good news on the Mini, I also got a new starting point on Jamey. I’m going to be trying that. 

OK I leave for Pittsburgh in an hour, so I need to go, but I will have more posts coming (I have like 8 or 9 St Patrick’s Day banners that will probably have to wait til next year now, but Spring is next week!)

3 thoughts on “Some Thursday Thoughts

  1. When life is busy it is very hard to focus on blogging, it seems something always needs more attention, or by the time evening comes, you are brain dead and too numb to string words together. I am just happy to find new posts whenever you can do them, and will look forward to seeing what you have to share at TToT this weekend. I know about draft posts that never got finished, I have dozens of them, and need to clean my file out! The A-Z Challenge is coming up in April, it’s great for getting on a daily writing habit, but if you decide to join in, do something simple so it doesn’t become a burden midway through the month! The link is on my sidebar and the theme reveal post is supposed to go up on March 20th, if you want to use a theme, it isn’t required.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m already checking it out. It looks like fun so far!

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