Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s another, “post off the top of my head” kind of day. Which means this post could end up being about just about anything that pops into my head. Some may be frightened. Or at least those who know me. 

Things went well yesterday. We saw a new to us Doctor who seems very nice and so darned young! I almost joked that Jamey actually has more gray hair than this doctor (which is true) but I was worried about offending Mr Grouchy Pants and he was having a rough day. I’m horrible with names, and the paperwork is sitting on the table downstairs, so you’ll all learn his name eventually… He is quite the hottie. Not a Dr McDreamy quite, but I’m also not a 16 year old girl. This guy is younger than me, a lot younger. That doesn’t mean that I feel he’s not up to the job though. I liked him. Not many doctors can give me that sense of comfort when we first meet, especially when there was a huge issue with Jamey’s medication beforehand. This guy did it. (and the fact that I’m willing to learn his name says a lot. We still have a “Dial a Quack”, “A pretty Boy”, and “The Doctor I could listen lie to me all day, but I wouldn’t believe the crap spewing from his mouth.”(Australian accent, swoon) And they’re all specialists. (Ones a surgeon!) I will refer to New Doctor as Dr S for right now. 

Anyhow. Dr S, not only fixed the issue with Jamey’s medication, BUT he also listened to me about the possibility of CRPS being autoimmune (do you realize how rare it is for a doctor, especially a young doctor in a specialty to listen to a parents research?) and promised to talk to Dr Garcia about it, if the new medication he suggested is not oked by hepatology, BUT he also showed me a website that shows all the clinical trails going on in the US! (which is also on the paperwork, downstairs on the table beside my dumped out purse where I was trying to find a quarter for Edward this morning.) And he’s also going to look into the other study I told Dr Garcia about. PLUS, this new medication, (if approved by Hepatology) is showing real promise in CRPS patients. AND even if insurance doesn’t cover it, it’s cheap enough that we CAN pay for it! OK enough raving on Dr JuniorMcHottie for now. (Thats actually a good nick name for him, but the pain clinic might have a little too much fun with that. I’ve made the mistake of accidentally calling Dial a Quack that in conversation. Hey, I said I was me no matter where I go…) 

We were gone most of the day yesterday, then I came home, made the dinner Ed was supposed to put on and didn’t (kids!) ate and went to bed. And then I didn’t want to get up this morning. I’ve taken my last antibiotic today, but I still have 2 more days of steroids. I ended up with bronchitis. With Bronchial spasms. I actually broke down and went to a doctor for the first time since I was in the ER for cluster headaches. Jamey was 9 or 10 and such a little snot at that point. I have a little bit of an issue with doctors personally. I guess I’m going to eventually get over it because the kids are beginning to realize that even though I make THEM go, I don’t. Unless I’m really really really sick. 

I really want to go see Beauty and The Beast. I probably won’t be able to though. It’s ok. One of these days, this will all be behind us and we can make plans and have a little fun now and again. Maybe laugh at some of this. Not all of it. But some. There are millions of people worse off than us and not seeing a movie is not my biggest problem. I know we are blessed in many things. Instead of a movie, maybe we can talk a Pokewalk over the weekend. Family time means so much more anyway šŸ™‚ 

Now off to get more coffee, figure out how to make an email list, and make my Spring graphics (It’s coming next week! Yay! Low Pain Days!) 

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  1. It was so nice to find an update here, and to have some positive news for Jamey in it! It doesn’t hurt one bit if Dr. #5 is pleasant to look at, and I am so thankful he is one of the rare breed that actually listens to what you have to say! I am glad you went to the doctor too, there is a time to say I need a little Rx help here. I tend to put it off as well, because it is expensive, but some things are just going to get worse if ignored. Here’s to feeling better and a happy week ahead for all of you! Come and join us at TToT this weekend, would love to see you there! šŸ™‚

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