Just Checking in for a Quick Update

It’s late on Wednesday and I have to be honest, I’m beat. Monday was an appointment at hepatology. It didn’t go quite as we wanted, but we did get some good news. Plus, I already reviewed his test results and they’re mostly with in range! Mini Mister was also home all week so far. He’s feeling better and headed to school tomorrow. 

Tuesday, I cancelled the boys therapy appointments because Jamey was having a high pain day and Ed was sick. We took Ed to Urgent care instead. There’s nothing to worry about. No strep, he just caught a bug. The poor kid catches everything with how often we are at doctors offices and hospitals. Then we headed down the the VA ER with Dad. He is also basically ok, just a nasty sinus infection. Everything but his white blood cell came back ok. He’s on an antibiotic and should be right as rain fairly soon. 

Poor Jim was exhausted. He was up at 4 am for work and we didn’t get home until after 4 am. Once again, I am incredibly grateful for his employer. Most other places, he would have been written up for going in late. It is so refreshing to have an employer who actually cares about the employees. With everything going on in this family, I would be insane if there weren’t times I could count on Jim. I just couldn’t do it. 


OK after a lecture on how no one is ever around to talk. I’m headed to bed. Sweet dreams ya all. 

2 thoughts on “Just Checking in for a Quick Update

  1. Sounds like it was a very tiring day indeed, exhausting for all concerned. I am grateful you have Jim to help out at times too, and that he is blessed with an understanding boss, they are rare. We find enough inner strength to get through what we must, but I know well how draining it is to be responsible for so many people, each with their own issues. I am praying that things will ease up a bit at your house soon!

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