Just a Cranky, Lazy Saturday

This is the second time I’ve started this post. The first came out like a lecture, and that’s not me. So I’ve decided that I am rather cranky today, and I’m attempting to get myself out of that. Another month has come and gone. It’s April Fools Day, and I’m in no mood to play along. It’s chilly and damp and if I could sleep the day away, I would. But, unfortunately, that’s not how life works. And the little fact that I am freezing… 

I’m going to make this into my Ten Things for Thankful post and count my blessings while trying not to complain too much. I really need to do these more often than once every two weeks, because most days, I do have a lot to be thankful for. It’s just easy to see the blah when you’re feeling blah. 

Beside the normal every day blessings when everyone is awake on time and gets to where they are going safely and then back home, with food to eat and a place to sleep, we do have a lot of blessings. Because lets face it. Many people don’t, and it is the simple things in life that mean so much more. The kisses good bye and hello. The see you after school and how was your day? The conversations. I can’t say that I miss my mothers watch or rings, but I sincerely miss the conversations we had, the sound of her voice, the laughter and the tears. Her favorite coffee cup means very little when I have the memories of everything else. 

  1. A few weeks ago, we had some work done on the car. Something or other that I will never understand nor care to went wrong. Since our car had adaptions made before we bought it, these repairs were not covered under the recall. But Jim got notice this week that they are now paid in full. That’s always a relief to not have another bill hanging over your head. 
  2. Around the same time, Eddie’s therapist told us that Ed might qualify for a loop hole in Pennsylvania that would take care of his co pays. Granted, Ed’s co pays are not our biggest financial issue, but they certainly did not help. It was $50 a month just to see her, and his prescription costs are around $100 a month. He also see’s his doctors office a bit more than most healthy kids because of Jamey and his anxiety (and because if something is going around, that child gets it.) Ed was approved. And it’s a huge relief. 
  3. Ed struggles in History, which frustrates Jamey to no end, because Ed won’t ask for help. Well, for this quarter, Ed brought home a B in history. I am so proud of him because it really shows that he is working on it. And the rest of his report card was decent as well!
  4. I went Monday and picked up Jamey’s new medication. It really is too soon to tell, it’s the type of medication that takes some time to kick in, but I’m already noticing that he is sleeping longer at night and going longer without asking for his morning medication. We should know in a few weeks if it’s going to be “the one” that finally gives him a bit of his life back. I’m trying not to read too much into it for right now. The added plus is that there doesn’t seem to be any scary side effects. 
  5. I’ve been holding off getting my ID renewed. It expired a long time ago and I just never had the time while I had the money to get it. Well, since I was in Pittsburgh alone on Monday, I stopped in and picked it up. Which also meant that I could go to Ed’s IEP meeting without trying to explain why I was too lazy to get my ID renewed (some people do not understand that sometimes it’s an expense that you just can’t cover.) 
  6. I found out a few things this week about CRPS. It can be hereditary. It’s been a huge worry for both Jamey and I that Ed could possibly be in danger of getting it. Yes, Liver Disease can kill Jamey, and it will be what threatens his life, but CRPS is what stole his quality of life. But I also found out that a few simple vitamins can help prevent Ed from developing it. Right now he’s on Vitamin C. 500 mg every day and if he is injured it should go up to 1000 mg. I’m actually going to put him up to 1000 mg at the end of May when summer football practice starts. And I’ll talk to his doctor at his physical about the other one. 
  7. Tuesday I woke up with the cluster headache from hell. (of course ALL cluster headaches are the cluster headache from hell) Thank God it faded by the next day. My longest one was three weeks. Three weeks of feeling like I was being shot in the head over and over and over again. 
  8. My neighbors dog likes to run off when shes put out. Lately, she’s been going to the front door to be left back in. The other day, I saw her and walked up with her to knock on the door so that she could be left back in, the next day, she came over to me to do the same. It made me laugh. (She is such a sweet pup!) 
  9. I met my cousins son again. The last time I remember meeting him, he was an infant. Now he’s all grown up (my cousin is 18 years older than me.) He seems like a nice guy! 
  10. Jim is doing tonight’s dishes. My case of the grumps has turned into some sort of stomach issue. I get to relax and possibly go to bed early tonight. 

And on that note, I’m headed to try to find something decent on Netflix and maybe fall asleep watching it while my tummy settles. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

Ten Things of Thankful

17 thoughts on “Just a Cranky, Lazy Saturday

  1. Enjoyed stopping by. – I can relate to the sometimes wanting just to stay in bed all day attitude.
    Yet you found things to be thankful for and that is a good thing.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! It’s always nice to see fresh faces that go along with such kind words. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Hi Missy! You did it, you survived another week, and you lived to tell us about some good things that happened along the way! If you include the important issues like getting everyone up and where they need to be on time, you had more than ten! 🙂 I am delighted that you were blessed with car repairs paid for and possible copay coverage for Ed. I know that every dollar saved helps somewhere else. And yes, I do understand why sometimes it’s just easier to say I didn’t have the time than try to explain why even the money for an ID is impossible to come up with at times. People who have been there get it, others may not and it isn’t worth the energy to try to clue them in. Cheering for Ed and his report card, and for a hopeful medication for Jamey. I know how much this could mean and I will add it to my prayers.

    I am glad the cluster headache wasn’t long-lasting, even short term is miserable enough, and I am thankful to Jim so you could get some early rest and hopefully woke up feeling better the next morning!

    The story of your neighbor’s dog coming to get you for assistance was too cute, it made me smile and I”m sure it did you too. Sometimes it really is the little things that get us through the day. Blessings to you in the week ahead. May sunshine warm your days and encourage your spirit!

  3. You did a great job finding gratitude in an otherwise crappy week. You seem to have a lot on your plate and I’m glad you could eke out thankfulness and share here with us. Gotta love a puppy, he’ll make us smile every single time.

    1. I do tend to think my best under chaotic situations. I go into panic mode after the fact. It has always been that way. Things have actually slowed down for the time being and for once I’m enjoying it. Enjoy your Sunday. I hope you have been blessed with as beautiful a day as it is here in South Western PA!

  4. Sometimes it seems overwhelming to come up with things to be grateful for – but it always lifts my spirits. Thank you for sharing

    1. I do tend to look for the silver lining in most things. But theres times that bugger is hiding pretty well 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

  5. very impressive TToT.
    it’s easy (but not un-virtuous) to write one when everything is going well and the gratitude in fresh and orderly in the mind. Then there is real life (or as it is in some of our lives) and the list is work.
    You have written the best of TToT because you hit ‘Send’ (or Publish). I hazard to say, the majority feeling as you describe, would not and they would miss that non-definable benefit of participating with a group. So, when one of us is feeling less-than-totally-motivated, this post might make the difference, provide the encouragement.

    1. Thank you for the kind words 🙂 And thank you for the smile this morning 🙂

  6. No scary side effects is a huge bonus! Finding the right meds can be challenging. Hopefully this works well for him.

    1. He’s had some doozie’s. One gave him a rash to where his skin looked like a complete bubble, he was head to toe (and for someone who is six foot five, that’s a HUGE bubble!) Another, we found the side effect after he stopped it. Violent blackouts, scary as all get out. And too high a dose of a current one will make him hallucinate. He’s had conversions with dragons in his room and watched a demon come out of his computer screen. It really isn’t as funny as it sounds, it’s terrifying. I’m praying this works. We really do need to get him off the one that can make him hallucinate, but it’s one of the few that actually give him some relief.

  7. Finding the right medication and the correct dose is a tricky thing. Glad your cluster was brief, but feeling like you are being shot in the head for even a day is one day too long. Glad you could go to bed early. I felt like I wanted to crawl in all day long the other day, a gloomy Saturday it was, but there were things to get done. Hope you have a good week.

    1. I don’t know too many who get cluster headaches who will disagree with my description of them. Although it is pretty graphic. I hope you have a good week as well 🙂

  8. Love this – “count my blessings while trying not to complain too much” – because I have often been there when writing my TToT post. I think we all have at one point or another. To find any sliver of good in the midst of a difficult time is a blessing all unto itself so well done!
    Gotta love a good dog story… too cute.
    Sorry about the headaches. They can be awful and debilitating. I hope that you are feeling better now and that your week will be a good one!

  9. How nice you could meet up with your cousin’s son again. Your husband helping out in the kitchen when you are not feeling well is a great “thankful.” That is one smart little dog. It didn’t take her long to figure out who has her best interests in mind. Very cute. You have your hands full with caregiving, doctor visits, medications, etc. Cluster headaches are awful! One of my daughters struggled with them one year in high school. It was scary for a while, until the headaches were diagnosed through testing that there wasn’t something worse going on. Biofeedback helped her through that time. Congratulations on getting your ID renewed. Sometimes it is hard to get everything one has to do worked into the schedule. Usually it is those things that are most important and most urgent that that the front seat.

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