It’s Monday Again

  1. Husband up and off to work  check
  2. Kiddo up and off to school  check
  3. Coffee   check second cup
  4. Dressed   ehhh still working on that
  5. Laundry  Second load
  6. J up and medicated  still sleeping like a babe
  7. Dad up and fed   still asleep
  8. House work started  OK who’s got a potty mouth going? 

As much as I love the term ” Meandering”, it’s time to leave it go. Once again, it is NOT the nice people of the link up, it’s just my blog just doesn’t fit. (Yes I feel guilty.) I’ll be taking it off when I make my newest graphics. Which should be sometime today since I have one week until my baby turns 16. 

This tiny little baby will be 16 in one week. He has gone from a tiny little infant, to the dare devil toddler, to an incredible young man who is bright, loving, kind and so very sweet. Sometimes a major pain in the tush… But name a teen that isn’t (and I’ll show you a parent who is lying.) 

I have no issues being the mother of a sixteen year old (nearly). He is really a great kid. And I’ll spend the next week celebrating him. 

I really have to start with this spring cleaning stuff.  Ed’s missing a pair of pants from Christmas. I don’t know how that child looses clothing. They’re probably stuffed under his bed with the socks I can’t find. Dad will be at the club this evening, so it’s the perfect time to start. Especially with the basement that he wants cleaned out, but doesn’t want to get rid of anything. I have 21 days to get everything boxed up that I want rid of so that we can put it out for trash or donate to the library. I think Dad would much prefer things that are still usable to go there. I just need to get a game plan listed and in motion along with about a ton of motivation. I still have clothing of Mom’s in the basement that needs donated, as well as whats in the attic. 

Some of the stuff will have to go sneakily to other charities, I think. We still have Pap’s mugs boxed up in the attic. And some of Gram’s unfinished crafts. Honestly, if I don’t get rid of them now, I will be in the future, and we could use the room now.

To be completely honest, just the thought of all of this is still overwhelming. I know I’ll be running into Mom’s stuff, and although those things aren’t Mom, they’re still Mom’s. I know, in the end, I will feel better about it all, and it would be nice to have so much more room. And to be able to find what I’m looking for when I’m looking for it. And I’m going to have to do the majority of it. I need to crack down on people not helping out around here. But once it’s done…. It will be so much easier to keep up. That’s what I gotta keep telling myself. 

As you can see, I am trying to talk myself into this. In all actuality, I just need to get off my rear and get started. And as soon as I finish this coffee, that’s exactly what I plan on doing.   Fly Lady says that anything can be accomplished in 15 minute at a time. I really have to use that method or some method to get going. Maybe, just maybe I can start getting some routines going including some Me time that I didn’t have before. After this crisis/spring clean, I’ll keep ya posted. In fact, so that I can remain responsible, this blog may turn into my Fly Journal of sorts. It’s the first weekday of April, it’s as good as any time for a new start, right? 

Well, if I AM really going to turn over a new leaf, I need to get busy. Everyone will be waking soon and I’m horrible if interrupted. Have a beautiful day 🙂