Finally! A Coffee Chat!

I’ve missed these. And it’s my own doing. Jim’s at work, Monster Mash is at school, everyone else is sleeping, I want to be sleeping but can’t, so…. Here we are.

Or should I say, What is the silliest thing I will admit to doing in public? Because there are many many things I do that I will never admit to in public.

For me, it was also a scary time. Jamey was in so much pain he couldn’t move and I had to call the ambulance. It was still winter, I believe February, and I slept in shorts and a tank top. The hospital wasn’t really working with us (we have found that’s often the case with chronic pain) and I was more worried about getting all my ducks in a row with Mom, Jamey and what we would need immediately, that I never thought about getting dressed. I threw on my coat and boots once the ambulance got here and went for the ride. Well, they admitted him. I was stuck in Pittsburgh, with just short PJ shorts, my tank top, my coat and boots. Let’s just say I was a hot mess and leave it at that.

There was also that time I lost my Mom for about a half an hour… Another ambulance call… Mom was having chest pains, she always went to Kittanning, but this time the ambulance crew was talking about taking her to Natrona Heights which is about five minutes closer. When they left, in all the rush and confusion, I had no idea where they were taking her. And of course, I was already on the phone to my sisters. HIPPA does not make it easy to find someone once you’ve lost them, by the way. I finally had to ask the right question “Do you have an ambulance coming from Freeport?” before someone would answer me. She was at Kittanning. Both are funny now, they weren’t at the time.

Of course there always was my habit of locking myself out of the house. I never carry a purse, and I always forget to grab my keys. I have had to walk over to the Junior High while Jamey was a student to get his key (or wait hours to get in the house.) and there was the time we had run to the store (with both boys) and Jim had gotten a call (he ran night road service for Goodyear Truck division. If one of their customers had a flat tire in the middle of the night, off Jim went to change it.) It was 20 degrees, and yep, I was dressed for bed, with both boys, locked out of the house. I had to walk five blocks to my parents house and back to get the key. I still don’t grab my purse walking out the door… But I never lost my mother again if that’s any consolation…

I decided on a weekly accountability post for my Control Journal. If it’s on the blog, I can’t bury it in clutter. I will update it daily and post it on Saturday Evening. It may just be the kick in the pants that I need. I just have to be careful to post links to the website instead of quoting things. And of course start getting stuff done. It isn’t just about cleaning and decluttering. I am the most disorganized person I know. I have well intentions, just no follow through. Maybe routines will help that. It sure as heck can’t hurt.

Everything builds up until it is so overwhelming that I just shut down. I’m not in a position where I can completely shut down without major consequences. While Mom was alive, there was a lot I couldn’t get done because there was just no one else to stay with her and help downstairs or upstairs or anywhere, so the basement and attic have about five years of accumulated mess. And I have 20 days to try to get the majority of it gone.

Added to that is the fact that when my grandfather passed in 2002, my Dad brought in a bunch of stuff from their house and just sat it in the attic. I’ve never taken the chance to do more than just push things out of the way. Now’s the time to do so.

Here’s the soon to be 16 year old at 3 weeks old 🙂


De bearding Santa, a Northern Pike, and walking with his team

Last years football picture.

I think today, I’ll order an ice cream cake for Monday.

SO, what’s the silliest or craziest thing YOU have done? That you’ll admit to in public of course.

Have a great Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “Finally! A Coffee Chat!

  1. Oh my, I don’t think I’ve ever lost a relative before? LOL
    oh wait, I have.. but technically we were playing in the corn field, so really that was inevitable. 🙂
    Locking out of our own house? yeah, check. I usually go in a basement window though, which when I think about it, is probably not a good thing.

    1. It was only once… And I knew who she was with… I do keep threatening Dad that I have no issue putting a BOLO on him if he doesn’t check in 😉 Scary thing is that he knows I would lol.

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