Did anyone get the number of that bus?

The one that ran me over, backed up, did it again? Pooh warmed over doesn’t touch it. And it’s probably a good showing of exactly how out of shape I am. Two days going up and down three flights of stairs are taking their toll. But, I do have to say, it’s starting to show a difference in the attic. Today will be more of the same. I just gotta keep at it. But, I think I’ll stick to two flights of stairs and leave laundry go for a day or two. 

Once I get this house back in order, I will choke the person who messes it up. My children will learn how to use not only a hamper but also a waste basket. And that includes the husband. There honestly is very little excuse for much of this mess. When I was taking care of Mom, these guys knew I couldn’t get up here to do anything. Hell, there were days going to the bathroom was difficult, let alone anything in the house. To say I am not amused, is an understatement. And, I am well aware that I am whining. But sometimes, a girl just has to whine. 

Well, I think I’m going to get a bit of a morning nap and start this cleaning thing a little later today. It’s been a rough two days. I think I deserve it. BUT, I have more pictures of the almost birthday boy! 

Have a good Wednesday all!