Another Monday

And a wild weekend…

I have no idea where to start. My last post caused a lot of trouble. It’s not going to stop me though. 

I still have an hour before I can start making phone calls. Then we wait to hear back. Jim went back to work today, Ed goes back to school Thursday. The principal and teachers will be warned about the tensions in the family considering my nephew and cousin are in the same grade. 

I ended up calling the police yesterday over the near constant harrassment on FaceBook. I’ve reported the GoFundMe as fraud and if one post of lies isn’t removed today, I’m headed to a magistrate this afternoon. I shouldn’t be surprised, a bit of the truth mixed in with lies is Dawn’s way of operation. It was when she called CYF and it is now. I have no idea why she hates me so much, but I’m seeing that I’m not as batcrap crazy as I thought. This is a whole new level of crazy. 

This was spray painted on my Dad’s living room wall. And they gleefully showed him. He told me yesterday that it was no big deal, but he spent an hour on the porch crying. A 72 year old man who lost his wife 8 months ago, his home less than a week ago. I am furious for him. He had to smile and play nice with all the tension. He’s staying with one of them who did this. (My sister paid back taxes for 15 – 16k and 3k for the roof and put a 30k lien on the house… Do the math) That’s why a dollar amount on a priceless loss. My Dad’s piece of mind is gone (at least temporarily) 

The rest of the downstairs:

The average age of the people who did this is 40. This was not a group of teenagers. And Daddy had to show no emotion. I’m heartbroken for him. 

More later. I got phone calls to make and later some admissions of my own….