Just an update

Things have settled down, thank goodness. I’m kind of getting prepared to, for at least temporarily, being without a place to stay. It’s a scary thought. But I won’t be your average, run of the mill homeless person, I have a blog…. 

But seriously, it is a terrifying thought. 

Mini Mister is safe. But we can’t keep paying for nights in the hotel. Money is running out. I know now, no matter how I handle “the situation”, I would be in the same circumstances. At least, I handled things honestly. I can look people in the eye. Nothing can be gained from decieving people. I am not a perfect person, but at least my children know that I will fight for what is right, despite the personal cost. 

At this point, my dad is still talking about demolition. He just won’t listen that it will wait. I can’t afford to wait for him to realise that I am telling the truth. It’s blantly obvious, but facts are ignored. I have to get my own head on straight. I will do all that I can for him, but not at the expense of my kids. 

2 thoughts on “Just an update

    1. It will all work out the way it’s meant to. I’m just not the type of person that has an easy time of putting things into fates hands.

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