Another Update

I guess they weren’t done. And I didn’t really think it could get worse. My former home is now riddled with signs of hatred. I don’t understand why, they are just as German as I am. It might have been better if they had gone with satanic symbols. That at least I could make fun of them for….

And I didn’t get pictures of all of it. My name being used and the sleep here, I can say eff off to. The swastikas? Such a sign of hatred and evil, made even worse by who did it and who all is involved. 

It is painfully obvious that we are not dealing with normal adult behavior despite the fact that most are near and over 40. And anyone who can stoop to this type of behavior, is not someone I even want to admit to knowing in the past. A local magistrate has been made aware of the situation, as well as the towns mayor, who was very kind and generous to request answers to my questions. Any further harrassment will be dealt with legally. 

I’m going on with my life. I’m putting in job applications, we have plans for the future with our little family of four and the new extended family of friends who have reached out to us. How to rebuild a life at 40 something… Nah, not a blog title, but a mission. 

4 thoughts on “Another Update

  1. In a comment on another post, these pictures were blamed on a 12 year old boy. Now, I’m not sure about you, but if my child was drawing swastikas in a home that you are “helping” in, I would be correcting said child. But, I can confidently say that mine wouldn’t. Despite knowing the history of the swastika, mine also know the hatred and bigotry that it has come to represent and they are against it.
    Take some responsibility for your own actions.

  2. LMAO…….Take some responsibility on YOUR own actions……and i no where harrassed you…..your blog and your facebook is PUBLIC besides you invited me to your blog a long time ago.. And yes i do have a life…..a house that is cleaned DAILY and children that i am VERY PROUD of…I have not brought your children into any of this other than them taking some responsibility of maybe cleaning their room….so dont you dare say he needs corrected. He knows more about history than you …your kids…me…my family than anyone else i know. If you show your kids the negative side to everything thats what they will always see. But i have always taught mine to look at everything…and he did so therefore what you think is hatred and bigotry…he sees as a lucky or auspicious object. What is really funny is you have this “online” group of people believe that its everyone else that started all of this and none of this is you…..good for you….but in all reality… you really wanna know how many people think you are full of shit in the freeport/buffalo community? I have actually got private messages from people saying how you crave attention on EVERYTHING and that they dont believe anything that comes from you. And that is the truth! I have nothing to lie about….I have nothing to gain from any of this….other than the pleasureof helping your dad with whatever he needs. He is 72 years old….let him have a bit of a life….how old are you n Jim??? How bout YINZ take some responsibility and not live off him anymore….let him peacefully get into the highrise and yinz get your OWN place. I have seen many apartments in freeport, sarver, tarentum, harmerville, vandergrift. springdale……just trying to help. 🙂

  3. My prayer is that you get the help and support you need to begin again and not have to contact those who are behaving this way ever again.

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