What did people do before computers? 

I’m sitting here waiting on phone calls with my phone charging, my son sleeping and bored out of my mind. I can’t even decently argue on Twitter with the app. I prefer to see the whole conversation. 

Things are moving fast, but in the right direction. Given the circumstances, I can’t tell about plans beforehand, but rest assured, I’m not just partying it up waiting for a miracle. I can’t change the fact that there are swastikas in my parents home, but I can say that they are not an insult to me. They are a total disregard for respect on not only my father but of my mother’s memory. My mom would be horrified if she saw the house she loved today. 

Yes, it was a surge protector in the attic that caused the fire, but that was in no way intentional. The graffiti spray painted on the walls? That was a purposeful, hateful sign of total disrespect. And to add such a hateful symbol into the mix? In the home of a Veteran and the children of two WWII vets? Disgusting. And quite honestly, it speaks volumes on the type of people THEY are. 

I’m going to begin a new chapter in my life with a fresh start. There are a lot of changes coming at us very fast and we’re choosing to embrace them. It’s actually freeing to tell you the truth. I would rather have someone who will tell me how things really are, than someone who will blow smoke. The truth isn’t always easy to hear, but it is always the right option. Telling the truth always means that you don’t have to remember who you told what. And my memory is shot on a good day, let alone right now. 

I keep thinking that maybe I could just take a nap, but I don’t want to sleep through the phone… And I would. 

More later before I give too much of a snoozefest for you. 

One thought on “What did people do before computers? 

  1. Well for your information, James (age 12) made the American flag and freedom written under it…but of course that wasn,t posted….AND he made the swastikas (he is a ww2 buff and he knows alot about germany and nazis…)…he then told me that “mom do you really know what the a swastika is”…of course I, you and everyone else think its all about germans and nazis…but guess what….it isn,t….your on the computer enough….look it up. I had to. He is a very intelligent kid. YOUR dad was there when he did it….your dad was there when everyone else did it The house is getting torn down weather you like it or not…so if some people are going to take out their frustrations on cleaning up after YOU by spray painting so be it. THEY ALL busted there asses to clean up your garbage. I read your held accountable blog….and laughed like crazy….I along with others seen first hand of your non domestic goddess skills…..hell i don,t think you ever picked up anything. I would be totally embarrassed for anybody to see how you lived. Also…what a disrespect to your dads home on the living conditions that he had to deal with from you and the boys. You were not working….there is NO EXCUSE for the way that house was. Sorry but not sorry….what did you say….always tell the truth……well there it is. P.s…..make sure you share this on your page….pss….i spoke to the police….they sorta chuckled and have no clue on these pending charges or police reports….there is nothing to report from what i was told. Not your house…YOUR dads house….yinz just stayed there. Oh….ill attach one of many sites that i looked up…very interesting actually. http://www.ancient-origins.net/myths-legends/symbol-swastika-and-its-12000-year-old-history-001312

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