I’ve been online in some form or another

For about 18 years. In that time, I learned a lot. My very first webpage was a site called “Missy’s Place”. It was a page of graphics that those on WebTV could snag… Then Jokers Alley, which was just a very lame page of jokes. I taught myself very basic codeing. I just had fun with it. 

About 15 years ago, I found PaintShop Pro. And with that, I could use things found online to make pretty pretty pictures. 

I started blogging maybe 12 years ago. First it was blogger and live journal, then I got a bee in my bonnet. I wanted my own domain. So, I bought terrormom.com. Then I figured, why should I have my blog hosted by another companies restrictive guidelines? So I found a deal, $33 dollars a year for 3 years. For $99, I could have full control of my own blog. Of course I took it. I used part of our tax return. And I haven’t looked back since. 

Why am I telling you this? It’s actually quite simple, because of some simple computer suavy, I don’t need to deal with internet trolls who have nothing better to do than to keep trying to be where they are unwanted. This is MY website. I am in control of who I allow to post. I am in control of what my message is and I know who I want to reach out to and how to protect those people from abusive users who choose to just spread chaos and discord. 

The only trolls allowed will be the cute graphic ones because I just can’t resist a good graphic.