It’s Been Awhile

A lot of things have happened.  Mostly good.  Some very good things.  

We have an apartment. It’s cute.  Right now, it’s bare bones,  but there is a lot of potential.  We had a lot of help getting here. There were kindnesses that I will never be able to repay. They are still going on.  

I’m back into the workforce.  I have missed working.  And it’s a full time position that will work perfectly with my families schedule.  Getting a paycheck every week is extremely rewarding.  

Slowly but surely, our lives are righting themselves.  It’s still going to take work,  patience and time.  But we have that time.  

The entryway

 The living room

The kitchen.  
I have plans for decor.  I found out that I can connect my Walmart photo account to my facebook. Which means,  I have access to all my photos to be printed.  Pinterest is an amazing resource.  There are so many ideas. 

I should have a washer and dryer sometime next week.  And plans for the rest of the furniture we need.  

A few weeks ago,  the store I work in was robbed on my shift.  Third shift has two workers.  My coworker was doing the day end paperwork (the shift is split)  and I had begun breakfast,  and there were three other people in the store at (one other coworker in as a customer) when it happened.  No one was hurt.  I think he was surprised with how many were actually in the store.  He had to have thought that John was alone. Courtney was able to sneak into the office and call the police. It is not an experience that I care to ever repeat,  but I refuse to allow some jerk to ruin my goals.  

I like my coworkers. I like my job.  We have some really great customers. The hard part?  We sell fresh pizza 24/7.  I’ve learned alot,  and I can make a pretty great looking pie,  but I still can’t get over my dislike for pizza.  The breakfast pizzas are good,  and we make a chicken,  bacon alfredo that is to die for,  but red sauce and I do not get along.  That doesn’t stop me from taking pride in my job and making the best looking (and reportedly,  tasting)  pie as possible.  

I keep taking pictures and sharing them on facebook.  It would probably be more helpful to advertise if it weren’t for the fact that most of my facebook friends didn’t know my dislike of pizza.  But… They are pretty… 


The Pittsburgher

Western Breakfast. 

There are far more than ten things to be thankful for in this post.  I can’t even begin to name them all.  New friends,  seeing old friends,  new beginnings.   

Ten Things of Thankful

9 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. Happy Snoopy Dance for you and your family and these lovely new beginnings! They are just the start.

  2. How happy I was to see your post added to our TToT link-up… and first, no less! 🙂 I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to read about some good things happening in your lives at last Isn’t it amazing how good things can come from very dark situations? I am thrilled with your new apartment, and I know you will put your personal touches on it in no time. I’m sure it feels great to have a place to call your own!

    Your job sounds just right, well except for that burglary – very scary!! I am thankful you have good coworkers and hours that suit your family, and that breakfast pizza has my mouth watering now! Red sauce and I don’t do to well either, it tends to make me itchy. Alfredo sauce pizzas are yummy!
    I know how great it must feel to have a paycheck and it’s good to get away from home each day, gives you a much-needed mental break as well!

    Here is to caring friends and new beginnings, may this year turn out to be your happiest yet! XOXO

  3. Your apartment looks cute. I’m glad your lives are “righting themselves” and you have a job. The pizzas look amazing. The Pittsburgher looks like it has French Fries on top. I’ve never seen a pizza like that, but it looks good.

    1. Thank you 🙂 The Pittsburgher does indeed have French fries. And a ranch dressing base. I’m not adventurous enough to try it, but others love it. I just found out that there’s a South Side version with Chicken rather than steak….

  4. Not a fan of pizza, but only because of the cheese. We’ve gone places and ordered pizza, “half with no cheese” a conversation starter, for sure.
    nice apartment… totally like the arched doorway.

    Welcome back to the TToT!

    1. I LOVE the arched doorways. There is so much charm and potential here. I hope to add floral garland shortly. It’s such a comfy place to live

  5. How frightening to be robbed at work! Glad no one was hurt. If I worked at a place that made and sold pizza, I would turn INTO a pizza. It’s one of my favorite foods!

    1. It’s definitely an experience that I have no hope to ever repeat 🙂 but I refuse to be scared off by a creep. My kids agree about the pizza. My youngest and my husband have developed a taste for the breakfast pizzas, but my oldest feels that eggs aren’t a pizza topping ; ) Others disagree.

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