Good Morning

It’s slated to be a beautiful day in South Western PA. The sun is shining, I have my favorite, huge cup of coffee a little over half way finished. The husband is safely at work and both boys are still in their beds.

It was an early start today after sleeping 11 hours. Jamey woke up throwing up. Right now my entire upstairs smells like coffee after cleaning up the mess. I think I read that coffee grounds will dry up any moisture and remove the smell. I hope I’m right. I read something about coffee grounds. Heck, I did it before coffee and what the hell, it can be vacuumed up. And my entire upstairs smells like coffee.

note: coffee grounds stain. It smells nice, but I’m hoping I can get the stains removed. (Pretty confident that I will.)

Work is going well.

Rebuilding our lives is actually going well.

School starts in 3 weeks.

Football starts in 4 days.

Oops. I accidentally published this before I was finished.

I have found myself falling back into old habits. I’m better than that. I need to continue forward. I can’t obsess on the past. And the future is so much brighter.

I do need to work on finding a schedule that will work for all of us. I’m finding myself sleeping away my days off. Maybe I can find a medium when school starts. I do want to make it to some practices. And I will be going to the games.

Now that the boys have their beds (actual beds, not air mattresses on the floor.) The frat house that was my downstairs should be easier to keep up. I’m starting that today. It’s not that it’s a total disaster. But thing aren’t the way I want them to be.

I’ll be starting my Halloween decorations this weekend. I’m making most of them. Paper machete headstones for the cemetery, a Jack o lantern arch. … a ground breaker zombie, a floating bride, and a ghoul are planned. Having a corner lot gives me a lot of ideas. But the bank account demands creativity.

I will be posting more often.